GoMediaZine Tutorial

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GoMediaZine has posted a really informative tutorial on how to create the above image. I was really impressed with the breadth of information. Whether you want to create the above image or not, there is plenty to be gained from the tutorial.

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The Beauty of Package Design

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Chris from GoMediaZine sent me an email letting me know GoMedia had posted a nice article about what it takes to create successful package design. As always, it’s insightful and informative.

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15 Mistakes Designers Make

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Gomediazine has a great article in their ‘industry insights’ section about 15 common mistakes made by designers in the music and apparel industry. I can relate because I have generated a lot of work for both of those industries over the last 3 years and I have encountered a lot of frustrating situations, particularly with the music industry. It just always seems to go haywire for me when I try to work for a band. They never have any money.

The article is very informative and offers some key insights to some issues that a lot of designers face no matter what aspect of the industry they might find themselves creating in.

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