Dieline Top 100 of 2011

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I’ll come right out and admit that I am not a fan of the arbitrary and subjective lists that crowd and overpopulate the internet but the ever-inspiring Dieline knows what they are talking about. They have amassed their ‘top 100‘ package designs of 2011 and there is some ‘abfab’ work to take in, ponder and draw inspiration from. I was glad to see that I Love Dust’s portfolio package made the list. They are high on my list of ‘if we could just be like them’ studios that we look toward to inspire the growth and image of our studio, so our ears always perk up when we see them make a list of note.

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Ah & Oh

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Polish design studio Ah & Oh has put together a nice little spec concept for mens cologne featuring some notable historic writers in the shape of an inkwell for a quill. It’s a slick looking set of packaging and it would be interesting to see one on an actual shelf in a retail environment.

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Sandstrom Partners

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There is some absolutely killer package design in the portfolio of Portland-based Sandstrom Partners. There are some long downloads and a bit of a learning curve in terms of navigating their site but if you can get to the work, there is some really great stuff in there.

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Rarely do you stumble upon a portfolio comprised primarily of expertly executed package design, but that is exactly what you will find in the portfolio of Pearlfisher.

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The Beauty of Package Design

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Chris from GoMediaZine sent me an email letting me know GoMedia had posted a nice article about what it takes to create successful package design. As always, it’s insightful and informative.

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Two Create

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Two Create is a design consultancy based in East London comprised of Central Saint Martins Product Design graduates Lucy Nunn and Tobie Snowdowne. They focus their energy on design for 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional products. Their work is squeaky cleans and downright gorgeous.

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Turner Duckworth

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Turner Duckworth was established in 1992 and shares offices between London and San Francisco. The work flows freely between the two offices and they conduct work critiques between the shops. They believe this exchange allows for a well-informed and objective view that produces clarity in their branding work.

It appears to be working in their favor as they have prduced some of the most iconic and memorable design in recent memory for the likes of Virgin, Coca-Cola, Motorala and Dolby. By memorable I mean the actual Coca-Cola can itself. Their work is brilliant and on-the-mark with every project undertaken.

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