Herbert Matter Documentary

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My university kept a strict curriculum of design history courses paired with courses devoted to the study of typography. Our program was closely allied to the Bauhaus and as a result I drank in a large gulp of the work of Herber Matter. His work was a distinct influence of several of my fellow students so I was thrilled to uncover via the ever-great Grain Edit that there will soon be a documentary released about his work. Hopefully a documentary about the great Herbert Bayer will soon follow.

You can watch a preview above and read the entire post about the making of the documentary and it’s release over at Grain Edit.

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Momentus is…”A collaborative project in which a select group of designers, illustrators, and artists create visual interpretations of the most defining moments in United States history as a way of informing others of our proud, yet sometimes troubled and forgotten past.

Momentus contributors hail from around the globe as the most defining moments in United States history have often had a radical effect on the world abroad. See the full roster.”

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Milton Glaser Works

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Have you ever wanted to own a print from Milton Glaser? Well ‘Milton Glaser Works‘ has got you covered with a series of Giclées in limited editions. The prints are numbered, signed and printed using archival ink and paper.

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If you are registered and you haven’t done so yet, get up off your ass, get out there and vote today! Please, be sure to do it. Nothing you do today will be more important. Every vote does count. Do not take anything for granted. This is one of the most important elections in American history. Get out there and take part. If you have to stand in line and miss work then so be it. It is your legal right to do so. Tell your employer or teacher you are voting.

If you don’t and your candidate loses, you revoke all your rights to complain.

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Our First Black Presidential Nominee

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Hilary Clinton has officially announced tonight that she is officially dropping out of the race for President. She has plans now to endorse Obama later this week.

That being said it is time for the next important order of business and that is the news that for the first time in the history of the United States of America we officially have are first black presidential nominee. It is a proud and historic moment for our country and it is a moment that so far has been hard fought by Obama and his supporters. I think at this point it is safe to say that he has run an intelligent campaign and his people have done an absolutely phenomenal job in winning this nomination. It really is an amazing time right now in the United States and it is exciting as a young person to feel, even in a small way to be actively participating in something so important. It’s an amazing moment to see someone young, energized, exciting and more symbolic of our shared creeds in this country.

The real work lies ahead now for the Obama camp. McCain will be pulling out all the stops to do whatever he can to smear and bring Obama down. It is going to be a tough time but what could potentially be gained is worth the fight. It is a thrilling time for sure and I think a lot of eyes, all over the world will continue to be focused on where this is all going. There is no doubt that America now finds itself in the throes of political history. I just hope for all our sakes that this is the beginning of correcting some awful mistakes made over the last 8 years. We have a lot of work to do and we need to get to it.

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