RM Regular

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Improving upon, competing with or even coming close the the juggernaut typeface Helvetica is no small task. But that didn’t stop Mash Creative from making an extremely valiant effort in doing so. The end result of that effort is a typeface called RM Regular that you can now purchase at Hype For Type. It’s a beauty. I’d expect to see this one cropping up in a few projects out there this next year.

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Bella Typeface

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Bella is a new typeface drawing inspiration from Herb Lubalin designed by Rick Banks AKA ‘Face37‘ available exclusively at Hype for Type. I gotta say I think it is quite possibly one of the most attractive typefaces I have seen hit the market in a long time. The letterforms and the ampersand are absolutely exquisitely designed. I am itching to get my hands on a copy. It’s a truly gorgeous alphabet.

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Hype for Type – Cypher 13

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My friends at the local (local for me anyway) Boulder, CO design studio Cypher 13 have been really busy this year and continue to push their name into all the right places. They have recently released a couple of new typefaces at Hype For Type that are now available for purchase and download. One of the fonts is a geometric compressed sans-serif while the other is a play on type rendered by liquid crystal displays.

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Neuforma Font Ident

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Here is a nice little ident for the recently launched Hype For Type foundry. I guess it never hurts to have talented friends when it comes to the self promotion department.

Motion Design: FutureDeluxe.co.uk
Audio: Harmonic 313 / Cyclotron C64 SID
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Typeface: Neuforma
Link: su.pr/2W0Ehg
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Hype for Type Live

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Well, this will be on every design blog out there over the next few days but it applies here for sure, so here is the deal: HypeForType is the newly established digital type foundry from Thinkdust creator/originator Alex Haigh. I mentioned the project back in January and now it is officially online.

There are some interesting fonts already up. I am digging Alex Trochut’s contribution. You will definitely be looking mostly at display faces though, not really any text faces to be found as of yet. There are some really distinctive personalities being conveyed in the fonts and that is what you want when picking out a good display face.

A little about the project from the source:
The vision was to create a type foundry showcasing the best in today’s typographic talent, as well providing a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts to complement their work. We hope it’s worked. Time (and type) will tell.

Through collaborations with award-winning yep designers, HypeForType offers a veritable feast of fonts for anyone interested in experimenting with typography, designers getting back in touch with the classic skill and brands looking to commission something standout.

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Hype For Type

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Hypefortype is the new online digital type foundry from Thinkdust, launching in 2009. Every 3 months, the most sought after designers from around the globe will work together with us to bring you the freshest typefaces on offer. For volume one you an expect limited edition creations from the likes of Si Scott, Alex Trochut, HelloHikimori, Luke Lukas, and Jon Burgerman.”

You score a little bit of a break if you buy all the fonts together (as you can see above).

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