Neue Haas Grotesk

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The Fonbureau has put up a nice little micro-site (ugh that term still makes me cringe from my time spent in advertising) for their latest font Neue Haas Grotesk. It’s a genuinely well made typeface that will definitely prove useful. I am picking up a copy myself.

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Hype For Type: Exclusives

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Hype for Type recently released another stellar pack of typefaces including ‘Nagasaki’ (my personal favorite) by Tom Muller. It looks like something you might have seen on the cover of a sci-fi novel from the 70’s. Hype for Type has been really smart about who they’ve worked with so far and this new series is a fine example of their careful curation of typographical talent (try and say that 3 times fast).

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Legacy of Defeat

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Legacy of Defeat‘ is not just a puzzling name but also the custom type foundry of famed vector illustrator Joshua M. Smith AKA Hydro 74 (who appears to have recently changed his home website as well). To roll out his new venture he is offering several fonts for free and they are some excellent display specimens well worth grabbing while he is feeling generous. Thanks Josh, we love us some fonts.

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Lee Fascicani Typographics

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Lee Fasciani has some nice display faces up for purchase.

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Hype for Type Live

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Well, this will be on every design blog out there over the next few days but it applies here for sure, so here is the deal: HypeForType is the newly established digital type foundry from Thinkdust creator/originator Alex Haigh. I mentioned the project back in January and now it is officially online.

There are some interesting fonts already up. I am digging Alex Trochut’s contribution. You will definitely be looking mostly at display faces though, not really any text faces to be found as of yet. There are some really distinctive personalities being conveyed in the fonts and that is what you want when picking out a good display face.

A little about the project from the source:
The vision was to create a type foundry showcasing the best in today’s typographic talent, as well providing a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts to complement their work. We hope it’s worked. Time (and type) will tell.

Through collaborations with award-winning yep designers, HypeForType offers a veritable feast of fonts for anyone interested in experimenting with typography, designers getting back in touch with the classic skill and brands looking to commission something standout.

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YWFT – Arco Typeface

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The new typface, Arco has been released by the clever people behind You Work For Them. The font was designed by Nicolas Massi and is available for $30 smackers.

I just really love the color choices in the smaple layout above.

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Neighbourhood Type

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Designer/typographer Andy Chung on his latest typeface:

“I took Neighbourhood as a challenge to create something that had the graphic expression of a display face while still maintaining some of the functionality of a text face. In the end I created something that I feel has the best of both worlds; an ultra simple sans serif text face with a large set of alternates which when combined with the regular characters create a new graphic display look. Neighbourhood is being released under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa Licence which allows others to remix and tweak all working files. As of right now Neighbourhood is limited to only a Regular weight, however the project is up for expansion through creative collaboration to whoever is interested in taking part. This collaborative process has already began as the spacing of the font was graciously taken care of by Igino Marini who runs Ikern.”

Download this really exceptional typeface here.

I saw his earlier in the week but rediscovered it (and remembered I should mention it) after a visit to my alma matter DIK.

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Joshua Distler

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Joshua Distler has worked for the likes of Apple, helping to design their globally-lauded packing. As if that wasn’t enough he also founded a font foundry and runs LiveSurface, an online library of layered templated imagery.Wow.

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Clou Font

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I am really digging the latest font release from Font Fabric. The font is called ‘Clou‘ and comes loaded with readily usable personality.

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Akimoto Now Available

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Ossi Gustafsson of Hiekkagraphics emailed this morning to let me know that his font Akimoto is now available for sale. You can see it in action here at his Behance page as well. Its a great font and one of my favorites so far this year since Black Slabbath. Good stuff.

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Negro Nouveau: Updates

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Updates at Negro Nouveau whose amazing fonts you can now purchase as well.

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Minty Fresh Fonts

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If you are in the market for some free experimental fonts, you can download a nice little pack here, based on Helvetica but made with the tasty goodness of ketchup and toothpaste. Download some free deliciousness now.

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