Legacy of Defeat

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Legacy of Defeat‘ is not just a puzzling name but also the custom type foundry of famed vector illustrator Joshua M. Smith AKA Hydro 74 (who appears to have recently changed his home website as well). To roll out his new venture he is offering several fonts for free and they are some excellent display specimens well worth grabbing while he is feeling generous. Thanks Josh, we love us some fonts.

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Neutura™ was formed in 2003 to make fine display typefaces. They release about 2 typefaces a year and they are very reasonably priced. You can see some great samples by refreshing the home page. There are definitely some usable faces in the Neutura™ archive if you are looking to add some personality to a headline or two.

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Brooklyn-based type foundry Village has some really nice type faces available, all of which are loaded with character. They also have some nice goods up for sale featuring their uniquely vibrant brand of typography.

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Hype for Type Live

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Well, this will be on every design blog out there over the next few days but it applies here for sure, so here is the deal: HypeForType is the newly established digital type foundry from Thinkdust creator/originator Alex Haigh. I mentioned the project back in January and now it is officially online.

There are some interesting fonts already up. I am digging Alex Trochut’s contribution. You will definitely be looking mostly at display faces though, not really any text faces to be found as of yet. There are some really distinctive personalities being conveyed in the fonts and that is what you want when picking out a good display face.

A little about the project from the source:
The vision was to create a type foundry showcasing the best in today’s typographic talent, as well providing a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts to complement their work. We hope it’s worked. Time (and type) will tell.

Through collaborations with award-winning yep designers, HypeForType offers a veritable feast of fonts for anyone interested in experimenting with typography, designers getting back in touch with the classic skill and brands looking to commission something standout.

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Foutain Type Foundry

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New website, new fonts and just a whole lot of newness from the Swedish type foundry, Fountain.

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Subtype Foundry

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Andreas Pihlström has a new type foundry entitled, Subtype. There are only a few typefaces available so far with more in the works I am sure, but what is there is very well done. There are also a couple freebies that are worth the download.

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