Greg Craola Simkins

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Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins is a popular painter on the so-called ‘lowbrow’ scene but his amazing paintings are really transcending his audience and becoming something more akin to fine art. He is an amazing draftsman and the detail in his recent work is just stunning. He continues to grow and evolve into a bigger and better talent.

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“Dave Macdowell Paints Acrylic on Canvas in the Lowbrow/ Pop Surrealism movement. His focus is on Childhood Fantasy and our Contemporary Cultural Nightmare.”

Macdowell subjects are a mish mash of iconic movie stars and cartoons all stewed and stirred together with vivid color and swirling action. You can view his work via his website or his Flickr-folio. Although he calls himself a lowbrow/pop surrealist painter, he has a control over his medium that would rival any old world master.

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