Arth Daniels

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Arth Daniels work is a crazy blended cocktail of pop psychedelia brought to life like Frankenstein’s monster in vivid color.

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This is a short animated film by Noam Sussman that is debuting online exclusively at Cartoon Brew’s 3rd Student Animation Festival. These students are eating our lunch these days. Amazing work.

Visit Noam Sussmans’ website at:

To learn more about the production of this film, visit:

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Object Space

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This is a surreal and super psychedelic experimental 3d animation piece completed entirely by Russian motion designer and animator Dxmiq. It’s trippy to say the least and made me wonder what a director like Kubrick would’ve been able to do with abstract visuals like this if he were still around today.

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Orange Bubblegum

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Orange Bubblegum is the washed out, psychedelic and dreamy portfolio of imagery captured by the lens of photographer Robert Moses Joyce. There are some strikingly beautiful shots in Joyce’s portfolio. He has a truly artistic sense of composition and I could imagine he’s got a talent that could easily extend beyond his current style.

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Aaron Vergult

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Trendy, trippy and varied are some go-to words to begin describing the highly experimental portfolio of renaissance man Aaron Vergult.

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James McCarthy

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Artist James McCarthy paints some really really trippy imagery. Like far out, acid flashback, Dali-dream outer-space type shit. Once you get over all of that, you can then begin to take in how incredibly talented he must be to actually paint what he paints.

He has a truly gifted hand.

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“Jefta is a young 24-year passion for mixing photography, painting and digital arts.

His work is mainly based on the body that operates in different ways, including encrusting textures or image by dressing.”

Jefta’s photography borders on the surreal psychedelic and it all comes straight out of simple photographs of people. He has an interesting perspective. I’d watch his space for future photography work if I were you.

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Killian Eng: Updates

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Killian Eng updates yet again with another delirious scroll down the rabbit hole of absolute psychedelic imagination. Wow is really the only word to apply if you are a fan of this kind of imagery and Eng just keeps churning this out like it’s easy. Amazing.

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Kustaa Saksi: Updates

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Illustrator Kustaa Saksi recently updated with several new projects, all featuring the patent psychedelic swimming neon colors that the Saksi name carries with it. And that is all a very good thing.

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Linda Besemer

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The ‘paintings’ or rather sculptural paintings of Linda Besemer mind bend your mind a little in the way that they merge dimensionality, form and color all seamlessly into one piece that when viewed from multiple angles has an even more psychedelic effect on the viewer. Her work is currently on display at Galerie Richard in Paris.

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Jacques de Beaufort

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Calling artist Jacques de Beaufort’s work trippy is in no way disrespectful nor does it lower it’s impact. It’s the word that best fits and is without a doubt the desired effect. It’s meant to expand the imagination, source a deeper form of consciousness and possibly even temporarily derange the senses. The work itself is fairly large in person and I could imagine you would be able to lose yourself in it easily while standing before it.

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There are some strange, cheeky and well kind of radical images hand-crafted by David White and you can peruse them best through his Flickr Photostream. There is a lot of fun to be had in that stream.

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Other Scenes

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Michael Willis works ‘in and around’ London where he pulls together psychedelic collages from what I am guessing is found imagery from ‘in and around’ the internet.

What is it about collage these days that brings about such a spiritual catharsis? It’s popular now and I am guessing it will continue to be and if I can hazard one more guess the reason being that there is something special about pulling some kind of order out of the chaotic ocean of imagery that is now available to us as illustrators and designers. Personally, I love to pull together images off of blogs and out of Google to reassemble strange new imagery that pokes and prods at the pop art-laden section of our consumer brains.

Michael is very good at this and he adds a splash of bright color to heighten the reaction.

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Neil Krug: Updates

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Psychedelic and slightly erotic photographer Neil Krug has updated with more tasty throwback images of sexy people doing strange things all wrapped up in a clean and simple website.

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Teenocide: Updates

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Experimental psychedelic animated gif depot Teenocide has added a few new gems lately for the animated gif crowd.

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Kira Maintains

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Kira Leigh looks like such a nice young lady but her “non-archival, spontaneous line work bleeds and flows on paper as thoughts are poured out in the form of surreal subject matter” will set your mind reeling back into a primal reflective childlike acid flashback. It’s hard to tell if your having fun looking at all of the bright colors and organic lines until you begin to fully take in the mass of strange disturbing mutated subject matter. But you know what? I really like it.

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Jiro Bevis

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Jiro Bevis is an illustrator who knows who he is and how to work comfortably within an accessible signature style that is a twinge 7os psychedelic retro and a load of fun brimming over with distinct personality.

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Uffie – Difficult

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Uffie is getting ‘Difficult’ spinning out an undeniably catchy little ditty backed up by an increasingly trippy yet deceptively simple video that might harken a memory or two of past directorial work from Michel Gondry.

Not entirely sure who directed it as of yet.

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