Jeremy Enecio

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Jeremy Enecio was born in Ormoc City, Philippines. He received his BFA in illustration in 2008 at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He currently resides in New York City where he works as a freelance illustrator. He is represented by Levy Creative Management.

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Dave Macdowell

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“Dave Macdowell Paints Acrylic on Canvas in the Lowbrow/ Pop Surrealism movement. His focus is on Childhood Fantasy and our Contemporary Cultural Nightmare.”

Macdowell subjects are a mish mash of iconic movie stars and cartoons all stewed and stirred together with vivid color and swirling action. You can view his work via his website or his Flickr-folio. Although he calls himself a lowbrow/pop surrealist painter, he has a control over his medium that would rival any old world master.

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Nicholas Bohac

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Nicholas Bohac live and works in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. He works with printmaking methods and acrylic based media to create his paintings and drawings whose subject matter is the ecological climate that we live in today.

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Robert Hardgrave – Joshua Liner Gallery

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Painter Robert Hardgrave continues to evolve his work into something really extraordinary and beautiful and some of his recent works available at the Joshua Liner Gallery are stunning studies in color and form. I was really taken by some of his latest works.

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Luke Rudolf

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Painter Luke Rudolf has discovered a magic formula utilizing the interplay between simple geometry, organic paint strokes and use of color to devise images that you just can’t take your eyes off of. It’s almost as if you expect something to materialize from beneath his work.

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Spanish painter Salustiano has a new series of ‘red’ paintings available for viewing at his site. They are beautifully composed and strikingly simple.

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Anna Taratiel

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‘”ANNA TARATIEL creates her own landscapes by transforming movements into visible forms. Her personal experiences develop their own dynamics; they become energy, movement, new forms and colours.” – quoted from Artnews

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Seth Adelsberger

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Seth Adelsberger has some really nice work in his Flickr-folio. Some of his paintings are really exceptional and his 17 layer one of a kind screenprint is the bees knees (correction: Seth has informed me that the screenprint was done by a friend).

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Morgan Blair

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I am really digging what Morgan Blair is producing, described as an illustrator but I would call it art.

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Tenmyoya Hisashi

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Some absolutely gorgeous Japanese prints comprise the portfolio of the talented artist Tenmyoya Hisashi.

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Leah Tinari

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I am really digging the acrylic stylings of painter Leah Tinari. I love her use of color and the real/surreal abstraction of her subjects.

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