A Best Every Week

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A Beast Every Week is an illustrative collective inspired by the bestiary of yore. Every week a different illustrator will compose a new illustration of a beast, creature, monster, etc. from their own unique perspective.

A new Illustration will be added every Monday.”

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Raymond Lemstra

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Artist and illustrator Raymond Lemstra has crafted some unusual creatures that draw influence from Mayan and Native American art. He’s skilled with the pencil though and that is really only a glimpse of what he can do. He has several interesting works throughout his portfolio.

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Monster Gifs

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Illustrator David Huyck has created some fun looping animated gifs just in time to celebrate Halloween. They are deceptively simple in how they are rendered but the actual animations are pretty clever.

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Jesse Balmer: Updates

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Jesse Balmer is an interesting illustrator/artist (more artist than illustrator) that I have had an eye on for a while. I really dig his work and it appears as though he has put some new examples of his unusual version of psychedelic surrealism on his website.

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Camellie: Updates

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Hopefully I am not mistaken, but it appears that talented monster-illustrator, Camellie has updated (since I last posted her work) with more images of her charming little creatures.

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Jessica Allan

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Jessica Allan was nice enough to send me a note about her tongue-rocking out little pen and ink monsters. I dig it.

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There are some really fun illustrations on display at MKT4.

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