Santtu Mustonen

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There is a wealth of wonderful things awaiting you in the portfolio of Santtu Mustonen. Enjoy.

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An artist known only as Rrrrrrrroll will leave you spinning with some gif art that works hard to put the art in the gif genre. And yes that was intended as a pun. I guess you could think of the work as ‘animated photography’.

If you know or find any more information about the artist please drop a line or two in the comment section.

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Mr. Div

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So I sorta owe Matthew DiVito AKA Mr. Div a post since I posted some of his work last week and didn’t credit it properly. I had no clue where it came from originally to be honest but did manage to check out his site this week and if you are a fan of the animated gif then his work will not disappoint.

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Animated Gif Friday

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It’s been a long long time since I walked down the shady animated gif path but you know it’s Friday. So why not.

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Yoshi Sodeoka: Psychedlic Gifs

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Anyone who has frequented this site over the past few years will know there is a special place in my heart for animated gifs which can sometimes be a point of contention since some people think they are pure and pointless trite nonsense. But that is what makes them kind of radical in my opinion. So I was pleased to discover the ‘Psychedelic Gif‘ works for artist Yöshi Sodeöka and event more pleasantly surprised to find a larger, more complex and all the more compelling body of artistic work to accompany the series.

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Gif of the Day

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Uhh. Hmm. Yeah, no comment really on this one except for WTF maybe? But WTF in a kind of awesome inspiring way.

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Love Gifs

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If you love animated gifs then there is of course the tumblr blog of ‘Love Gifs‘ out there for you to visit. I know a lot of people think they are a completely ridiculous time waster, but hey so is looking at design porn for hours on end. And c’mon if you can’t have fun with the internet then go pick up like a book or something totally lame like that. I’ll be peepin’ some gifs, thank you very much.

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David Ope just keeps churning out animated gif magic. I think I could post something almost every single day and not keep up on his exceptional work in the gif medium.

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David Ope: Updates

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Animated Gif artist David Ope just continues to crank out one shot super fun images that you just cannot take your eyes off of.

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Random Animated Gif

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Just stumbled across the other day somewhere in the Tumblrverse and have no clue where it came from. I thought it was awesome though and should be shared so here it is. If you know who created it, leave a comment.

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Antlers WiFi

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Strange animated gif art is happening at Antlers WiFi and it’s being collaged with some interesting choices of photography.

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Animated Albums

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Animated Albums is a fun little time suck that is slightly excusable if you are a big music fan. It’s definitely a good time seeing some of my favorite albums animated and if ever there were an appropriate concept for an animated gif album covers seem like the right fit.

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David Ope: Still at it

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Animated gif artist extraordinaire David Ope is still at it with the additions of new and even more psychedelic works now flashing through your eyes straight into your psyche.

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David Ope: Updates

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Animated gif artist David Ope has updated with some excellent new examples of simple animated psychedelia. The example above in particular is absolutely ace.

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Francoise Gamma

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I have posted the utterly bizarre animated gif art of Francoise Gamma before but there is more strangeness recently posted. This work really is art whether you like it or not. And yes, it is also very strange.

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Monster Gifs

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Illustrator David Huyck has created some fun looping animated gifs just in time to celebrate Halloween. They are deceptively simple in how they are rendered but the actual animations are pretty clever.

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Emilio Gomariz

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Spanish industrial designer and art director Emilio Gomariz has what could be described as a wildly varied portfolio. His animated gif series entitled Extremity is of particular interest. The images are ‘tridimensional collages’ utilizing 3D models (bodies) which Gomariz found floating around the internet.

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Brandon Jan Blommaert: Updates

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Oh snizzap, it’s time for animated gifs but these are special because they come from the mind of master animated gif artist Brandon Jan Blommaert. He keeps updating with more and more amazing examples of what he is carving out as a unique niche for himself.

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