Adam Hayes

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There is a lot of well-branded, on tone and fun illustration work in the portfolio of the talented Mr. Hayes.

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Stubborn Sideburn

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There’s some geometric vector fun to be had in the portfolio of Stubborn Sideburn Studio.

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Johnny Terror

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There is some super fun vector illustration goodness happening in the portfolio of the brilliantly named Mexican illustrator Johnny Terror and you can find it in his Behance-folio.

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Stefan Glerum

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Strange, iconic and surreal illustration work from Stefan Glerum.

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Triangular Boy

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Triangular Boy is the experimental works of an Argentinian designer and illustrator. He has some strange and memorable abstract work continuously being fed through his Tumblr feed.

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Cristiano Siqueira: Portraits

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Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira otherwise known as Cris Vector has batched some of his past portraits for various clients in his Behance portfolio. There is some inspiring work awaiting your perusal.

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Gerrel Saunders

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You don’t exactly see a long list of designers and illustrators from Trinidad and Tobago but Gerrel Saunders makes the cut with some hot and brightly colored poptastic illustration work.

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Grant Coghill: Updates Again

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I know I know, I just wrote about  illustrator Grant Coghill not long ago but they guy is keeping himself busy and I am really catching onto what he is laying down. He recently updated yet again with some more striking new imagery that is worth checking out.

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Steve Wilson: Updates

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The talented UK based illustrator Steve Wilson just keeps rocking it and has recently posted some inspiring new work to his site.

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Vinicius Quesada

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Vinicius Quesada apparently sometimes uses his own bodily fluids, blood, urine, etc. (don’t ask what etc. might mean) in his work. And yes, there is definitely some similarities to Shepard Fairey’s work but there are still some individually fascinating aspects to Quesada’s work.

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Mr. Hipp

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Dan Hipp draws a lot and in doing so has managed to develop a style all his own. That style has landed on the pages of EAL SIMPLE, WIRED, DC Comics, Image Comics, Random House, and several other major publishers. It’s bright, it’s colorful and it’s a ton of fun often drawing on highly likable pop culture references. Oh and his portfolio is updated frequently.

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Brosmind: Updates

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Barcelona based brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro are Brosmind. I have posted their work here before but it appears they have since updated with some more fun and playful vector illustration work.

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Scott Balmer

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What I dig about Scott Balmer’s illustrations is that they somehow manage to be current while invoking references to great illustrators from the 60’s and 70’s He’s putting Illustrator to good use.

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Etienne Chaize

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There is some seriously radical chrome action happening in the portfolio of Etienne Chaize. Lots of shiny, colorful and deliciously vector typography is on display and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to look at.

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Kristina Collantes: Updates

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Illustrator Kristina Collantes has made some big updates to her portfolio since I last dropped in and her work has taken a leap. She keeps refining her skills and broadening her range while keeping her whimisical style. I am enjoying some of her recent work very much.

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2FromBox is a duet based out of Boston. They don’t have a lot of work on their site yet but I am really digging their illustration style. They have some tasty fan art posted and I am anxiously awaiting their first full on film poster. Let’s see it guys.

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Man Half-Tube

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Man Half-Tube is a Ukranian illustrator who is knocking out some kick ass evil and highly detailed illustrations that are then uploaded to his Flickrfolio for your viewing enjoyment.

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Andre Beato: Updates

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Portuguese type-as-image designer André Beato has some simple but extremely likeable clever typographic layouts in his portfolio that are attracting attention across the creative blogosphere. And those layouts have recently been refreshed.

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