The Forty Story

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The Forty Story

The story of a boy born on the day Pentagram opened and how his life has been tracked (and kerned) by forty years of Pentagram design.

Written by Naresh Ramchandani and Tom Edmonds
Directed by Christian Carlsson
Additional animation by Simone Nunziato
Sound design by Iain Grant and Wam London
Music by Graeme Miller
Titles by John Rushworth
Design by Pentagram
Voiceover by Daniel Lapaine


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Pentagram: New Website

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The long-standing pillar of design, branding and advertising perfection that is Pentagram have updated with a new website which is neither a day late nor a dollar short of precisely what an online portfolio in our common year of 2011 should be. What I mean to punctuate is that here we have no frills and all good work. It’s easy to sort through and puts the raw creative chops squarely on the slab for you to cook up in your now inspired brain as to how you and your agency or studio could ascertain the level of awe that Pentagram has achieved and will be remembered for. The word ‘icon’ can be applied in this rare situation since they have carved out a corner in a fleeting and nearly impossible to define industry. Many will clamor but few will reach so eloquently over such a span of time.

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Jessica Walsh: Updates

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‘Rising star’ designer (according to Computer Arts) Jessica Walsh has updated with a new website and some stunning work that incorporates photographic sets into editorial print. Her portfolio is bursting with color and she is indeed living up to her praise.

Via The Strange Attractor.

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Jessica Walsh

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Former Pentagram designer, Jessica Walsh has some absolutely beautiful graphic design work in her portfolio. All of her work is just amazingly composed and expertly executed.

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Pentagram Marks

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Pentagram Marks

Since its conception I was waiting for the day I could place my order for Pentagram Marks. Today is that day – Order: placed.

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Mugs by Harry Pearce

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russian mugs

Harry Pearce of Pentagram has designed these seven mugs for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. They each have a russian rhyme on the sides, promoting the efforts of the office. I know I can’t interpret them, but I’d love to have a set for myself! Read more about them over at the Pentagram blog.

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Studio Kudos

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studio kudos

One of the things that fascinates me the most is when a designer departs from a firm – for reasons undefined – to branch off and begin their own practice. I had the privilege of working with John Kudos during my time spent at Pentagram and I can attest first hand to his fine talents as a designer. I am excited to learn that he has recently founded Studio Kudos in the heart of New York City! He will take his company very far, I’m sure.

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