Wonder Level

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Wonder Level is the work of Masato Nakada and he presents it in an interesting ‘here it all is’ kind of way. It’s a lot to take in and there is a wide breadth of influences happening but it’s an attractive body of work.

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Ah & Oh

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Polish design studio Ah & Oh has put together a nice little spec concept for mens cologne featuring some notable historic writers in the shape of an inkwell for a quill. It’s a slick looking set of packaging and it would be interesting to see one on an actual shelf in a retail environment.

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Mugs by Harry Pearce

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russian mugs

Harry Pearce of Pentagram has designed these seven mugs for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. They each have a russian rhyme on the sides, promoting the efforts of the office. I know I can’t interpret them, but I’d love to have a set for myself! Read more about them over at the Pentagram blog.

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Eames [inspired] Prosthetic Leg

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Eames Leg

Charles and Ray Eames are heroes in my book, and if I had this particular handicap I would thank Joanna M. Hawley sincerely for her fantastic Eames-inspired prosthetic leg! Read into this article to see other views as well as some clever concept boarding.

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