Thomas Mangold

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Photographer or rather more appropriately ‘Photo-Artist’ Thomas Mangold has some downright freaky photo retouching happening in his portfolio. The above elephant fly thing is insane. The detail he manages to capture is inspiring, no doubt that’s not an easy feat to achieve.

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Grape Frogg

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Russian illustrator, artist and photo retoucher Grape Frogg is responsible for some remarkable images that really spark the imagination. Frogg is a multi-talented and you can see an interesting array or work in the Frogg Behance-folio.

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Ashkan Honarvar

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Ashkan Honarvar who is based out of Utrecht, Netherlands has some disturbing yet remarkable photo-retouching-art in his Behance portfolio that is almost impossible to take your eyes off of.

This particular series that looks as though the subjects faces have been mutilated but on closer inspection reveals the retouched devastation is actually comprised of candy is disturbing and fantastic. Spectacular work.

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Graphic artist Pete Harrison, based out of London, has updated his stock of digital illustrations with some interesting new additions.

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