Douglas Lyle Thompson

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Photographer¬†Douglas Lyle Thompson has a kind of photo-journalism kind of a thing happening in his portfolio that serves almost as a log of places he’s been that he found interesting. And the places he has been certainly look interesting and even more so through the lens of his camera.

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Eliot Lee Hazel

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Photographer Eliot Lee Hazel has a beautiful eye for composition and drama. Each image is tailored for scene and mood. He is a storyteller and every picture feels as though it has been lifted from a larger narrative and you are peeking in on a random moment. It leaves you curious for more and in my opinion is the mark of a talented photographer.

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Brigitte Heinsch

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Soft subtle, hues, scenes and tones blend in the dream sequence images gathered up by photographer Brigitte Heinsch.

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Toby Burrows

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Photographer Toby Burrows has some absolutely beautiful shots in his portfolio. There is some sincerely stunning imagery to behold throughout his book.

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Ruven Afandor Photography

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Really nice images of some really famous people in the portfolio of talented photographer Ruven Afandor (whose name could double as a pretty kick ass band name). Striking compositions as well that show a real artistic eye beyond just capturing interesting moments with famous folks.

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Ryan Aylsworth

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Ryan Aylsworth is a talented photographer with a penchant for lighting and capturing beautiful models.

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