Antony Crook

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Antony Crook understands his camera and it serves as an extension of his inner being. There is a sense of wanderlust and a fascination for celebrity in his work but each image instills a quiet and contemplative mood that definitely inspires one to leave the comfort of your desk and see a bit more of the world.

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Celebrities as Regular People

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Photographer Danny Evans took it upon himself to put Photoshop to use on some notable and recognizable celebrities in order to realize what they may look like without access to the best plastic surgeons on the planet not to mention the kind of capital required to keep those surgeons busy for a lifetime. The end result is pretty amusing. You can read a little more about the project at Fast Company’s design section.

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Matt Hoyle

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Matt Hoyle is an ad man turned photographer who has captured some very well known personalities. His work has been recognized by numerous publications and shown in the national portrait gallery. It’s obvious his skills extend beyond the lens to directing his talent to capture the unique aspects of their persona. He’s also spoken at TED which you can watch here.

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Eric Ogden

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Behind the considered lens of photographer Eric Ogden even the most vacant of celebrities manage to look introspective and even a little bit interesting.

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Peter Yang

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Photographer Peter Yang captures up-close-and-personal images of rockstars and celebrities. He resides in Brooklyn but hails for Texas. He is a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, ESPN Magazine and Wired, among numerous othere. His work has been recognized by American Photography and Communication Arts. He claims he gets to photograph his highly-desired subjects by being a nice unassuming guy.

The above photo of Jerry Robinson (the creator of the character The Joker) is fantastic.

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Sacha Waldman

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Sacha Waldman’s photography portfolio is dotted with strange confrontational high contrast images including portraits of some very very famous people.

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Carlos Serrao

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Just flat out gorgeous photography from Carlos Serrao, whose work I have seen in many places, many times before but failed to mention. Very inspiring work.

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Bryan Sheffield Photography

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Bryan Sheffield has been able to capture an essence of the personality within some of the music industries most interesting musicians.

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Ruven Afandor Photography

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Really nice images of some really famous people in the portfolio of talented photographer Ruven Afandor (whose name could double as a pretty kick ass band name). Striking compositions as well that show a real artistic eye beyond just capturing interesting moments with famous folks.

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Ranjit Grewal

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Beautiful famous people captured on film by Ranjit Grewal.

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Chris Woods

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I am really liking the photography and the website that showcases it for the talented photographer Chris Woods.

It is, however, one of those sites that starts playing music right away, so consider yourself warned before clicking.

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Tom Cruise Just Might Be Jesus

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Well this video has been circulating around the internet and it is sparking a lot of curiosity. In the video Tom Cruise espouses his views on Scientology to the Mission Impossible music, which gets a little grating after a while. I hate to bash on other peoples religious beliefs but I think this is an unusual case since Cruise is such a high profile individual and doesn’t seem to be shying from media attention on the issue. I found the video fairly creepy but it’s hard to know exactly what he is talking about. I think what ups the creepy factor is his intensity.Anyway have a look and form your own opinion.

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Snipes taxed

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I know this post might be a little off topic for a design and politics blog but I found it interesting no less so here it is. Wesley Snipes was apparently convicted of evading taxes and his trial was cut short yesterday when his defense team apparently rested its case early citing lack of evidence on the part of the prosecution. Snipes is claiming he sincerely believed he didn’t have to pay taxes and was even demanding to be paid back taxes he had already paid. He stopped filing his returns in 2000. Snipes says he was the victim of unscrupulous accountants who convinced him he didn’t have to pay any taxes.

Whew, what is that smell in here? It smells like…yuck what is that? Oh, yikes I am pretty sure that’s bullshit I smell.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the court smells it too.

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