Antony Crook

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Antony Crook understands his camera and it serves as an extension of his inner being. There is a sense of wanderlust and a fascination for celebrity in his work but each image instills a quiet and contemplative mood that definitely inspires one to leave the comfort of your desk and see a bit more of the world.

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Gregory Euclide

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The artwork of Gregory Euclide takes pieces of landscapes and melts them into almost psychedelic dream like visions that manage to both tug at your imagination while remaining ever-conscious of the physical aspect of the paint medium. I’d imagine they are much more striking in person.

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Martin Stavars

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Cities stand silently serene forever immortalized in stunning black and white as captured by the remarkable eye of Polish photographer Martin Stavars. Breathtaking images.

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Noah Kalina

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There is a kind of silently austere obscurity about Noah Kalina’s photographs. His subjects, be them human or otherwise are left to their own devices and presented in a way that the viewer must confront them on their own terms. In short, it’s photography in the raw.

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Tod Seelie

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Tod Seelie is one of those rare photographers who just looks at the world differently. It’s not just about capturing an interesting image. I think it boils down to a unique matter of perspective. He just sees and looks at things differently than the average bear. His portfolio speaks to this rare gift.

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Daniel Shea

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Photographer Daniel Shea captures stark, subtley-toned landscapes that present man’s nuanced battle with the industry of his creation. The images are no frills but there is a definite tension bubbling just under the surface.

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Danny McShane

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Danny McShane’s Flickr Photostream features subtle hues, muted tones, rainbow swept forests and shorelines complimented by very attractive young models. I would imagine capturing those photos was a very good time indeed.

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Filip Dujardin

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Photographer Filip Dujardin has an obvious love for architecture and has learned to frame all of it’s subtle nuances within perfectly beautiful yet understated images.

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There is a kind of subtle restraint happening throughout the photos logged at through the Tumblr page of Paulushaus. Each photo feels like it was captured on the spur of the moment although almost every composition looks like it was considered beforehand in order to achieve a harmonious balance.

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Douglas Lyle Thompson

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Photographer Douglas Lyle Thompson has a kind of photo-journalism kind of a thing happening in his portfolio that serves almost as a log of places he’s been that he found interesting. And the places he has been certainly look interesting and even more so through the lens of his camera.

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Photographer Nick Meek’s work ranges from light and beautiful to dark and mysterious but it all comes wrapped in a strange mystical air. There are many memorable images in his portfolio and it makes it nearly impossible to choose just one to show in a blog post.

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Californian photographer Kim Winderman sent in a link to her portfolio featuring some beautifully shot and composed textural images of different locales around California. There is a kind of ethereal status granted to nature in the images that perpetuates a state of trance-like contemplation. The people in some of Winderman’s photos are used more as emotive texturing to further dramatize the natural surroundings. The work is not dark but more rather dreamlike. Winderman is a talented artist and one to keep watch over.

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Peter Baker

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“I am a 32 year old photographer and designer, born and raised in Blissfield, a small farm town in southeastern Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BFA in Photography and a BA in Graphic Design, I began working as a designer and art director, first in Chicago, then San Francisco, where I started my own studio and began working on several long term projects. Recently relocated back to Michigan, I am doing what little I can to help it recover its former glory.”

You can view Peter Baker’s serene, sometimes quietly disturbing and contemplative imagery at both his Flickrfolio and at his personal website.

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Cody Cobb

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Photographer Cody Cobb has a way of capturing natural surroundings at their most sublime to such an extent that some of his imagery almost feels more ‘surreal’ than ‘real’.

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Eirik Johnson

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Eirik Johnson is a photographer based out of Boston and is also an assistant professor of photography at Massachusetts College of Art. His work has been exhibited around the world and is also a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. He captures some riveting imagery of unusual places and you can definitely call it art.

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Justin Fantl

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I scarcely have words to describe how fantastic I think the photos are taken by Justin Fantl. They are just magnificent. He has an eye that manages to capture the aura of the scenes that he stops to shoot. I don’t know how deliberate his locations are of if they come by him more happenstance but the result is unforgettable imagery.

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Kate Peters

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Photographer Kate Peters wrote us to let us know she updated both her website and portfolio with more of her subtle and contemplative work. She has a real eye for the world and knows how to gather both unique people and places within lovely compositions.

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Tim Simmons

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Photographer Tim Simmons lives and works in London and Norfolk. His landscapes can only be described as ‘haunting’. It’s a descriptor that is probably to often used when it comes to something like photographer but it genuinely is the proper word to use when attempting to describe Simmons beautiful imagery.

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