Soup Graphix

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Their name sounds very familiar and I may have posted about them long ago or it could be that since I do a lot of apparel work that we overlapped somewhere at some point but regardless of any of that Soup Graphix has recently posted some great illustration work for Nike. It’s lots of fun to look at and might even take you back down memory lane just a bit.

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Kristina Collantes: Updates

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Illustrator Kristina Collantes has made some big updates to her portfolio since I last dropped in and her work has taken a leap. She keeps refining her skills and broadening her range while keeping her whimisical style. I am enjoying some of her recent work very much.

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Kristina Collantes Again

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Illustrator Kristina Collantes has been written about on this blog several times but damn it all if she doesn’t just keep updating with such cool illustration work. She keeps growing and expanding her style and she very recently added a psychedelic Fantastic Planet inspired set of candy colored images that are exceptionally fun to look at. I had to let you know about them because I love them and would love to hang the whole set in my studio.

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Mel Marcelo

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San Diego based, Mel Marcelo is a 39 year old illustrator who loves running, music and he also loves running to music. I can’t think of a better place to run to music than San Diego.

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Jozias Dawson Otra Design

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Otra was founded in 1999 and is the ongoing project of San Diego based Swedish Designer Jozias Dawson. I stumbled across his site in the past and I may have posted it but I visited again today and was overwhelmed with how prolific he is. He has generated great creative across a really broad spectrum of mediums which is a unique talent in and of itself and deserves to be noticed. It’s gotta be even harder with those waves calling to you from Pacific Beach. Ahh, San Diego. So nice. His somewhat 80’s inspired Flash UI is also pretty interesting. The only downer is the auto loading music. I must profess, I have never been a fan of sites that begin blasting music as soon as they load, even though I was guilty of having one myself at one point. Nothing like rocking to your headphones and being interrupted by someone else’s music selection.

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