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Scot emailed me last week and asked that I mention he has an upcoming show this month here in Denver at the Andenken Gallery (the venue where Manifest Hope took place). Scot really busts his ass on his artwork and I have a feeling he is pulling out all the stops on this one so it shouldn’t be missed. Unfortunately I will be in Sunderland, England for a show I will be exhibiting at this weekend.

So on October 17th at Andenken Gallery I am asking that if you are in Denver you show up for Mr. Lefavor because I know he will definitely be showing up for Denver.

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Kick In The Head

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Ahh, I spoke with Scot LeFavor about this little incident last week at the Manifest Hope wrap party and it was almost funnier in person. He went out last week with the notorious Shepard Fairey and was arrested for wheat pasting posters up around Denver. Scot, Fairey and his crew were apparently mistaken for a group of crazy anarchists. It scared the shit out of Scot at first but, I said, ‘C’mon man, you were arrested with Shepard Fairey, how awesome is that?’ That’s every designer/artist’s dream come true.

* Alright, I have to revise this a little. If you are not a fan of Shepard Fairey or into what he has done, you probably wouldn’t find being arrested with him a dream come true. Apologies there.

Scot is rocking one of my t-shirts in the video by the way. Thanks Scot.

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