Berg: Editions of 100

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Independent UK based studio Berg has updated their Editions of 100 collection featuring original limited edition works encompassing art, design & photography.

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Graphical House Shop

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Glasgow based studio Graphical House have just launched an online shop with some nice minimal posters that would look attractive on the wall of any well-to-do design or advertising agency. The above is my personal favorite.

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Poketo: Updates

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Poketo was once a fun project in collaborating with artists and designers to produce wallets has evolved into a more robust fashion brand. They just relaunched a new website this week with some new and good looking goods in stock.

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If you are looking for some affordable art to give as a gift over the Holidays, you can find all kind of art goodies at Poketo. They have really grown from their original ‘wallet’ days to include, apparel, prints, stationary, homeware, accessories and more. I recently received an email from them and decided to check out their storefront and spend a little time there and was really impressed by the wealth of what they now have to offer. It’s always a pleasure to discover another site or vendor that is trying to make art affordable for everyone.

The print above was created by the ‘Little Friends of Printmaking’ and is just one of several offered in the Poketo print store.

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Emil Kozak Shop 2009

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Emil Kozak emailed this morning to inform me he has updated with a full new shop of merchandise imbued with his unique sense of style. There are some really great t-shirts and hoodies (even some socks) up for grabs. They look like they are very high quality as well. Emil is one of those designers who just continues to inspire and impress me. I absolutely love his work. Show some support and pick yourself up some new gear.

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Universal Everything Shop

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Universal Everything now has a shop online where you can buy some of the really crazy ass stuff that Universal Everything makes.

It’s a win win situation folks.

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