Alex Fowkes

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There is some excellent new project work in the portfolio of young designer Alex Fowkes including a recent project for Sony that swept the creative blogosphere.

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New Work From Seb Lester

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Seb Lester has released a short film about his work as an artist and designer. He has also released two new limited edition prints and some new originals. You can view and buy them at seblester.co.uk. Lastly, he’s also updated his site with new client work all of which is fantastic as always.

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Gary Swindell: Updates

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It’s been a long time since I dropped in on the portfolio of brand designer Gary Swindell. He’s kept busy and continued to build a portfolio of work that would make any graphic designer salivate. The work is rich, classic, bold and beautiful.

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Telegramme Studio

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There is some lovely print and poster work in the portfolio of UK studio Telegramme. If you are a gig poster aficionado there is a healthy dose of inspiration on display.

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I Love Dust: GE Future Folklore

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I Love Dust (still one of my all time favorite studios) was nice enough to email me some of their recent animation work for GE in Asia. The spots are anchored by the concept of Ancient myths colliding with the technology of today. The spots were directed by Golden Wolf and produced by ilovedust for GE China via TBWA SHanghai.

I was surprised to discover a lot of this work is being animated directly out of Photoshop which is something we’ll be looking into this year as a studio for sure.

Thanks for the email Ingi. I sure hope to visit you in the UK someday soon. Keep up the amazing work I Love Dust. You guys continue to inspire.

Client: GE China
Production co: ilovedust
Director: Golden Wolf
Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Ewen Stenhouse
Animation: Ed Barratt, Felix Massie, Roly Edwards
Effects Animation: Tim Whiting
Additional animation and Compositing: Bill Elliott, Ross MacDowell, Alex Fernandez
CG Modelling and Animation: Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington
Backgrounds: Ewen Stenhouse
Storyboards: Ken Cheung
Sound Design: Box of Toys

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We Three Club

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We Three Club is the work of Alex and Chris White both educated in the UK with degrees in Fashion and Fine Art respectively. The have a fully loaded arsenal of classic poster work in their portfolio. It’s all oozing a sharp personality that draws influence from psychedelic poster art past, 80s skate graphics and Chicano Folk art with just the right amount of fashion sense.

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MvsM / SCI / Unnatural from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

MvsM / SCI / Deep Sea from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

MvsM / SCI / Collider from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

ManvsMachine is a design & motion studio based in London, England.

Since opening its doors in early 2007, ManvsMachine has grown into a multi award winning, multi national team of creative specialists directing & producing globally acclaimed branding, commercials, animation, film & print.”

ManvsMachine has some stunning work in their portfolio including the above ident package for the recently relaunched Science Channel that was commissioned by The Discovery Network. Cracking good work as they might say.

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There is something to be said for knowing who you are and where you fit in with this industry and illustrator Boneface seems to have a good grasp on his identity as you can read in his description about him and his work:

“the things that make me right for this job… maybe they’re the same things that make me wrong for everything else.”

staple diet: videogames / cartoons / comic books / crappy b-movies

I very much like the imagery he is generating.

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Letterpress Monster

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Letterpress Monster is the working scrapbook and portfolio of British designer and printer Ian Gabb. He’s got some delectable print projects that involve every designers favorite tactile typographic medium the letterpress.

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Build: Updates

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If you are a good little designer then you have no doubt been inspired for a long time now by the work of Michael C. Place and his studio Build. He is a well established brand in this tough business we find ourselves scraping away at and he has consistently put out solid work for so long now that he almost makes it look easy. Build has recently updated with more minimal and downright beautiful work for print, branding and web and like usual it is well worth a look.

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Adrian Johnson: Updates

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It hasn’t been long since I last posted the work of UK illustrator Adrian Johnson but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth noting some of his newest work which very recently popped up on his site and it’s for one of my favorite clothing brands no less.

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La Boca: Updates

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Every once in a while after running a blog like this for several years you get an email in your inbox from someone you have an insane amount of respect for, of course that’s not to say that you also constantly discover people you have an insane amount of respect for but anyway…this week I got an email from one of my all time favorite design and illustration studios La Boca. They have updated their already amazing portfolio with yet more amazing things and it’s a genuinely inspirational browse through their portfolio. So enjoy compliments of La Boca.

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Steve Wilson: Updates

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The talented UK based illustrator Steve Wilson just keeps rocking it and has recently posted some inspiring new work to his site.

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Tom Sewell: Updates

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Psychedelic collage artist and graphic designer Tom Sewell has updated with a few new and extremely trippy projects since I last checked in. He also has some of his work available as prints here if you’d like to have a little something to hang on your wall and scare your friends with (shrooms not included).

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Aimizm: Updates

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Freelance Brand Designer Gary Swindell has recently updated his immaculate portfolio at Aimizm with some beautiful new project work. It is well worth the inspirational browse.

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Ideas Factory

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The ‘Ideas Factory‘ is not big but their ideas are. They have some tight branding, typography and print work in their considered portfolio that is of course all a very classic graphic design affair.

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Made by Six: Updates

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UK design consultancy Six has updated with a bevy of dead sexy print and branding work for a select roster of clients. It’s all clean, pretty and very inspirational. It’s also extremely well presented. Good stuff.

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Studio Output: Updates

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Studio Output has kept busy this past year and updated yet again with a lot of interesting new work. It’s all kind of a mixed bag in their portfolio in terms of how it’s displayed but start clicking around and you will find a lot of new inspirational goodies.

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