Slot K

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Slot. K is a Taiwan talent whose work draws inspiration from fashion, the 70s and the ever-dramatic combination of Black and White. It all comes together in a memorable surf through the Flickr Photostream.

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Valerie Chiang

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Valerie Chiang was born in Taiwan in 1992 and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her interest in photography began by visiting and sharing through Flickr and has advanced as a full on passion for fashion and photography. It’s easy to see at such a young age how richly that passion will reward her in the future. It’s amazing how quickly her talent has matured and it’s hard to imagine just how good she will become in the future.

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Yu Cheng Hong: Updates

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Yu Cheng Hong is an illustrator, concept artist and motion designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. Although I can’t claim to be a fan of the Flash portfolio, there are large scale images at his site and his illustrations are incredibly elaborate and remarkably imaginative. It’s all well worth checking out and sitting patiently through any preloading.

I originally posted his work last summer but he has since updated with both a new site and some exceptional new work.

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Yu Cheng Hong

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Yu Cheng Hong is a self described ‘amateur’ illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer from Taipei, Taiwan. He may describe himself as such but his work is anything but.

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