Alex Witjas: Updates

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Graphic designer Alex Witjas recently updated her portfolio and she is still generating a lot of colorful and interesting work for Urban Outfitters.

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Toro Y Moi – New Beat

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We are big fans of Toro Y Moi in our studio but we had no idea until we stumbled upon this video that Urban Outfitters had started producing music videos (and some pretty good ones at that).

Toro Y Moi – “New Beat”
From the album Underneath the Pine (2011)
Carpark Records carparkrecords.com
Directed by Scott Ross

Video produced by Urban Outfitters
Stream the full album, Underneath the Pine, at blog.urbanoutfitters.com/​toroymoi

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Urban Outfitters Fixie

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Alright, I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know a lot about fixed gear bikes, so I am not vouching for this but I did think it was kind of cool. Urban Outfitters has launched a new program where you can customize a fixed gear bike that they then build and ship to you. It’s kind of an armchair way to get into fixed gear riding I know but for $400 bucks I am tempted to cop one just for the hell of it. I am curious about the quality of the bike and how they ride. If anyone gets one, shoot me an email and let me know what you think about it.

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Elysse Ricci

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Philly-based and PA native (and UO Inc. employee [who’s happy to pick up a freelance gig or two (wink, wink)]), Elysse Ricci does the kind of ‘stupid-simple’ design that I occasionally hear people bitch about. They say things like, ‘man, that helvetica design stuff is bullshit’. But you know the funny thing is, the stupid-simple work just comes off so clean and looking at it and liking it makes you feel smart.

It’s a lot like cooking, you can analyze it and over season, but it really boils down to fundamentals. It’s about color, font selection, positioning, form and a little bit of intuition with a sprinkle of talent. Cool heads prevail in design/advertising and you always have to be prepared to take off the apron and go burn off some steam (just like a chef). Yes, I am over simplifying but you get the point. I have worked in advertising now for a while which gave me an enormous appreciation for the power of concept, but I now spend way way way too much time over analyzing some of my own design work. I am beginning to realize that their is a kind of beauty in people enjoying a nice steak with a side of fried potatoes. You just know it will taste good and you feel great eating it. Is that so bad? Everything in moderation.

I gobbled up Ricci’s work, and I think it looks delicious. I hope I can produce something as delectable. Is going minimal trendy or is it a staple? I think it might just be a staple. It won’t go away and it always pleases.

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