Hellovon: Updates

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Renowned illustrator (and one of my personal favorites) Hellovon has updated with a new website.

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Justine Lai

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Justine Lai has painted herself having sex with each U.S. President, ending for now with Ulysses S. Grant. I don’t know how many more she plans on doing (pun intended) but I personally hope she keeps going because this is the coolest link I have discovered in a while. The Abraham Lincoln painting is an instant classic although spooning with Ben Franklin does look nice.

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Raquel Aparicio

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Just plain lovely illustration work from Raquel Aparicio. It’s light and dreamy, which in these times might just be what the doctor ordered.

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Noumeda Carbone

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Noumeda Carbone has some really great illustration work in her recently updated portfolio, not to mention a beautifully exotic name.

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Emil Bertell

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Emil Bertell has some really stellar illustration work on display at Fenotype. The use of color is exceptional. Striking imagery.

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Kahori Maki

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Beautiful art from Kahori Maki. I would have relished the opportunity to stand in the gallery featuring the work above. Beautiful.

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