Chrysa Koukoura

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Chrysa Koukoura creates some simple yet disarmingly strange black and white pen and ink illustrations inspired almost entirely by nature.

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Jonathan bergeron

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I ran across the ink drawings of shit hot talented¬†Jonathan bergeron a week or so back while surfing around FFFFound and low and behold in between hot hipster chicks with big boobs and tattoos was some sincerely awesome pen and ink drawings. You can see lots more at his Behance-folio. Guy’s got skills. Like ‘hand’ skills.

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Wow, this is a pretty kick ass little gallery of famous skeletons available in the Flickrfolio of MOTO. I can’t tell you much about MOTO but what I can tell you is that this series of images is super fun.

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Bodagh is the art/illustration work of Daniel Reyes who has a very small but interesting body of strangely psychedelic imagery.

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Shera is the alias of illustrator and painter Julien Tran-Dinh who lives and works in Paris, France. Pop art, Disney, rock and fashion have been stewed together in a violent, sexy and predominately black and white pen and ink apocalyptic mix.

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C Rixon

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C Rixon graduated with a first class BA honours degree in Illustration at the University of Gloucestershire and is currently studying for his masters at the University College Falmouth. He has some clever work in his portfolio and some serious hand skills.

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Tim Enthoven

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Straight up weird but fascinating illustrations are pouring from the hand of Tim Enthoven including the above beer drinking hipster dad intellectuals. It’s hard to gather if Enthoven has a real point of view but he does have the chops to put out some curious imagery.

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Ben Brown

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Australian illustrator Ben Brown shreds the gnar with his pen producing old school 80’s skate punk style illustrations that often incorporate kick ass skulls and zombies. How can you not love him for keeping it genuinely old school?

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Zachary Zezima

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Zachary Zezima is from Long Island but has lived in New York, Italy and Japan (how nice). He attended Parsons School of Design where he earned a BFA in Illustration. He has some excellent pen and ink work in his portfolio that is highly emotional and occasionally a touch psychedelic.

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Illustration Stephane Manel has updated lately with more of his simple pen and ink style illustrations that always manage to somehow capture the personality of the subject.

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Artist and illustrator Silene Audibert has some interesting nature-inspired pen and ink drawings posted to fuel your creative inspiration. They kind of remind me of magic root the little girl hides under her mother’s bed in the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

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David Foldvari: Updates

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Artist David Foldvari has updated with some new and beautiful illustrative work since I last dropped in on his portfolio.

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Lis Timpone

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Brooklyn-based artist/illustrator, Lis Timpone has some nice drawings in her blog-folio.

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Wow, Berlin-based illustrator/artist, Meyoko has crafted some seriously amazingly detailed illustrations. You can check them out in Meyoko’s Behance-folio. The work is not only expertly crafted but also highly imaginative.

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Tim Hon Hung Lee got in touch today to let me know he had updated his portfolio with some new works. His line work is really amazing. That is no easy task to replicate with a pen.

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Daniel J Diggle

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Daniel J Diggle has some really amazingly detailed illustration work on display in his Flickr-folio. What I appreciate most is seeing his work through this process from pencil to pen to finished print. He also has a website here where you can learn and see a little more.

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Taped Copies

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French is shreddin’ the gnar of my brain matter with his death metal-inspired pen and ink drawings. Rip it up and grind it brother.

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Merijn Hos

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Merijn Hos (1978, Enschede, NL) who is also known under his alias Bfree, is an Artist and
Illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. He graduated in 2004 from the Utrecht School of
Visual Arts with a B.F.A in Illustration.

Since then he divides his time working 50 percent as an Illustrator working on commercial
projects while the other 50 percent of his time is dedicated to his own projects such as ex-
hibitions and independent publishing.

The main characteristics in his work are at first sight long-legged characters with high-heel
shoes and big hairdo and freckles, a lot of colours and abstract psycadelic landscapes.
But when it comes to content, you will find a lot of elements such as ghosts, life and death,
friendly and cute expressions and hidden messages.

A lot of the work reflects on issues in todays society and everyday interaction between peo-
ple in terms of escapism, organised confusion and friendship and loyalty.”

Call me crazy but I guess I am kind of a fan of ‘long-legged characters with high-heel
shoes and big hairdo and freckles, a lot of colours and abstract psycadelic landscapes’. I mean seriously, who isn’t?

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