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I deliberately waited a while to post this until it wasn’t still on all the other design blogs. The guys at You Work For Them were nice enough to send me a copy of their recent short film release entitled, ‘The Interpretation‘.

I watched the video a week or so ago while sitting in my Eames lounge inside my little reading nook with all the lights off. It was raining hard outside complete with lightening and thunder. I don’t think I could have imagined a better scenario within which to watch The Interpretation. The film is really an exercise in the interplay between sound, color, hints of nature and minimal animation. Some of it drags on a little long, but overall it is interesting to watch and would be a great thing to play in the background of a party.

There is more than one video on the actual disk and the one I was most drawn to was actually an older film where someone is walking almost as though you are seeing through someone’s eyes inside of a dream. That video left the strongest image in my psyche. If you pick it up, be sure to browse the extra videos.

I have been a big fan of Design Grafik/You Work For Them/We Work For Them for a long long time now and they are always worth keeping an eye on.

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YWFT – Arco Typeface

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The new typface, Arco has been released by the clever people behind You Work For Them. The font was designed by Nicolas Massi and is available for $30 smackers.

I just really love the color choices in the smaple layout above.

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“A short film using various clips from our stock collections titled Moire. Composed of patterns and hypnotic illusions, Moire may result in acid flashbacks from your teenage childhood or slight migraines.

Animation by YouWorkForThem
Audio by Michael Madill”

Mescaline? Shrooms anyone?

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This is Agostina

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This is Agostina is an animation created to promote the creation of the font Agostina by the mad geniuses behind We Work For Them and You Work For Them, Michael Cina and Michael Young. Its a pretty amazing piece of video work considering it was created only to announce the release of a single font. You can watch the animation here.

“The font was designed and coded with extra swash-like characters in the open type format. This is Agostina explores those swash-like features and its options in 3d and other experimental animation methods.”

Full Credits: Font designed by Michael Cina. Animations by Michael Paul Young and Lee Suetorsak. Soundtrack composed by Michael Madill.

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YWFT: Tees

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There are some really nice new t-shirts in the shop at You Work For Them. The shirt above is inspired by the cover of Brockmanns famous book Grid Systems In Graphic Design. It may in fact be the ultimate ‘design nerd’ t-shirt and I have to admit to wanting one pretty badly although I have kind of passed out of my t-shirt phase.

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The New You Work For Them

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YWFT has arguably been the single most reliable one-stop-shop for graphic designers looking for typefaces, original stock imagery, patterns, vectors, inspirational books and just about anything else you could think of. Well ‘the best just got better‘ with an all new website featuring faster downloads, exclusive material and bigger images.

YWFT really has been around for a while and it really has become one of the best sources of just about everything, so if you have never visited, this is a better time than ever. Some of the new stock image libraries on the home page, an image from which you can see above, already make it worth a new visit.

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YWFT – TypeCon

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YWFT is onces again sponsoring this year’s TypeCon 2008 in Buffalo, New York. TypeCon is the leading conference in America on all that is type. YWFT is also curating a poster exhibit at TypeCon. They are currently seeking the best poster work that has excellent type. Type can be the main focus of the poster or minor (that seems a little strange). They will be showing the best submissions and the poster show will also most likely be traveling like their last TypeCon poster exhibition. They are currently seeking as many submissions as possible.

Download the submission PDF here

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Design Graphic Turns 10

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Design Graphic has reached their ten year anniversary and marked the occasion with another of their fascinating online installation pieces. You can engage with the piece here online or they also have an optional download. It is nice to see them still going after all this time. If you are in the market for Design wares, you can’t do better than their shop at You Work For Them and they always have something happening at We Work For Them.

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