Snowblinded Sale

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My friend and local designer artist Anthony Cozzi AKA Snowblinded is having a limited time sale on all of his prints until April 15th. I actually own the print above that was created for last years Denver Artcrank event and it is actually a silkscreen print. The use of color and the quality of the print is top notch, it looks fantastic in our studio.

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Snowblinded – Kickflip

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My friend and local Denver designer/illustrator Anthony Cozzi has recently refreshed his online store with a new hand drawn screen printed poster featuring an oldie but goodie skate trick. Anthony invests a lot in his prints and uses high quality materials so you can be assured this will look sharp on your wall and if you into skeleton sport tricks you could always pair it with his Dead Wheelie print from the San Francisco Art Crank exhibition.

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Snowblinded on the Prowl

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My friend Anthony A.K.A. Snowblinded is currently looking for new opportunities and freelance here in Denver. He is a really talented jack-of-all-trades and has worked every corner of the creative industry at some point. If you are looking for guaranteed talent, you don’t have to look much further.

He also has a new skate deck for sale as well as his cache of excellent prints.

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Snowblinded: Print Show

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Anthony (A.K.A. Snowblinded) emailed to let me know he will be having a solo show next week at The Shoppe in Denver. The Shoppe is run by two of the kindest and most wonderful people I know in Denver, Josh and Tran Wills. It is guaranteed to be a great event and a unique one is well. It is nice to see someone who leans more towards the graphic persuasion getting their due in Denver. I would love to see more shows like this. If you will be in town please make the time to stop by. I unfortunately will be attending my wife’s graduation for her Masters. Otherwise I would be there. So please go and give Anthony my best and tell him Changethethought sent you.

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New prints from are available from the talented Denver artist, Anthony Cozzi A.K.A. Snowblinded.

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While I spread the local love, I don’t want to leave out Anthony Cozzi who calls himself Snowblinded. It’s an apt name for a Colorado-based designer.

Anthony recently released a series of giclée prints that would really tie a room together. There is some really nice work their as far as posters go. Great work Anthony. Good stuff.

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The Reprogramming Project

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A fellow Denverite, Anthony Cozzi who has worked under the name Snowblinded for some time now has started a record company called Plastic Sound Supply. They have just released their first CD entitled, ‘The Reprogramming Project‘. The clincher is that they released a video for the 8th track on the album (Scaffolding – Rebuild (Cacheflowe Remix) and the video has apparently been the most popular video this week at XLR8R. That is a pretty exciting accolade for a first video and Anthony is really excited.

You can view the video above. Congratulations Anthony.

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