Nathan Walker

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Austin-based designer and illustrator Nathan Walker is deft with the vector graphics and has some amazing projects in his Behance-folio including some projects he has art directed that are equally fantastic. He also goes by the name ‘All The Pretty Colors’.

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Tim Doyle

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I have been lately completely consumed on an obsessive compulsive kick to collect Alamo Drafthouse Cinema silkscreen posters and have recently come into possession of illustrator Tim Doyle’s poster for the Astor Theator screening of Apocalypse Now Redux. After seeing Tim’s work for both Astor and the Alamo Drafthouse, I discovered a treasure trove of gig posters in Doyle’s Flickrfolio stretching way way back. I could tell you where I get my posters but afterward I would have to kill you.

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Alex Roka

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21 year old Austin, Texas resident Alex Roka has updated his design and illustration portfolio with some new project work that is worth browsing.

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Justin David Cox

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Justin David Cox is a designer and illustrator living in the Lone Star State of Texas. He is a part of the creative collective Public School based in Austin. He has a very small but very smart portfolio of poster work. The above image is for a poster for the band ‘Cut Copy’. Get it?

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Cellophane Soul

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“Hello there, I’m Ashley. This is the part where I try to explain myself, but none of it really applies in real life. This should sum it up – I’m an “indie-rock-loving, thrift-store-prowling, home-made-T-shirt-wearing, blue-hair-dying misfit girl who thinks life is a 60s movie” -Whip It (Shauna Cross).

I have a thing for over-exposure. I love the city Austin.”

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Renee Fernandez

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Renee Fernandez is a designer at The Decoder Ring Design Concern. She has a great body of design work at her personal website and she is well adept with typography.

Via Design Work Life.

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Design For Fun

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Ben Barry was born in Oklahoma but raised in Texas near Austin. He is a recent graduate of UNT where he graduated with one of the top 10 portfolios in his class. He currently works full time at The Decoder Ring in Austin, Texas.

He isn’t afraid of controversy or expressing his opinions through his work and that is something to be applauded.

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