Nathan Walker

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Austin-based designer and illustrator Nathan Walker is deft with the vector graphics and has some amazing projects in his Behance-folio including some projects he has art directed that are equally fantastic. He also goes by the name ‘All The Pretty Colors’.

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Tim Doyle

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I have been lately completely consumed on an obsessive compulsive kick to collect Alamo Drafthouse Cinema silkscreen posters and have recently come into possession of illustrator Tim Doyle’s poster for the Astor Theator screening of Apocalypse Now Redux. After seeing Tim’s work for both Astor and the Alamo Drafthouse, I discovered a treasure trove of gig posters in Doyle’s Flickrfolio stretching way way back. I could tell you where I get my posters but afterward I would have to kill you.

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Chicken Billy

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Chicken Billy is artist and designer Billy Hayes hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. He has an unusual and highly recognizable style using aggressive color schemes with arranged flat graphic ‘puzzle’ pieces. This is how he describes his work: “The recipe – Take Hanna Barbera, Hulk Hogan, James Brown, Fort Worth Zoo, B.B. King, Hank Williams III and Jesus Christ, mix until the image is bright like a angel. Add a pair of cowboy boots and jeans, some Mexican beer, your choice, and put it all on a page using only flat vector shapes.”

His work is impossible not to like and ready made for t-shirt art. The best way to take in his work is by perusing his Flickr-folio which he updates regularly.

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Mikaylah Bowman

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Texan photographer Mikaylah Bowman is an artist. There is no mincing words about that. She has an unusual eye for composition and experiments with her subjects to create sometimes eerie, psychedelic and disturbing and yet at other times highly cosmic and contemplative imagery. All of which is art.

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Design For Fun

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Ben Barry was born in Oklahoma but raised in Texas near Austin. He is a recent graduate of UNT where he graduated with one of the top 10 portfolios in his class. He currently works full time at The Decoder Ring in Austin, Texas.

He isn’t afraid of controversy or expressing his opinions through his work and that is something to be applauded.

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Texans For Obama

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Well, it looks like people are stepping up for Obama in a big way so far in Texas. There is a great thread about it here at the Daily Kos. I think he is going to take the state, personally and I hope he does because winning Texas is going to send a strong message to the world about American’s sincere desire for real change. He has already reached 1 million donors and counting.

Thank you to all of the people visiting the site so far for the Obama Posters and as I said before please feel free to distribute them however you choose. Use the graphics as well in the Illustrator files to make your own t-shirts, stickers, bumper stickers, etc. They were created as a free and clear resource for anyone interested in helping spread the message.

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