Space Knuckle: Dante Ross

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If you haven’t dropped in for a while or added it to your RSS, Space Knuckle is still adding all kinds of black and white and fun all over stuff to his blog at Dante Ross.

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I don’t usually blog about other blogs but let’s face it most of what is out there on blogs is being generated by other blogs, email submission, tweets and really in totality the exchange of electronic media. It’s cyclical. What it’s starting to come down to is what some of my friends like to call ‘content Djaying’ or in other words ‘curation’.

Visual Journal is a blog run by Oslo-based Swedish Graphic Designer Joakim Jansson who works as a senior designer at the multi-disciplinary agency Bleed. He’s relatively new on the ‘content DJaying’ scene but I really like the tracks he is laying down so far.

The above image is comes from the studio work of Teacake.

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Raw Type

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Raw Type is a new blog that started out as a side project. It is primarily about typography and design. It looks to be promising in the future and it might be worth adding to your bookmarks for future reference.

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Joyengine Relaunch

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My Boulder based friends at Cypher 13 have relaunched their blog Joyengine. There are several options for viewing the content and they have opted for a clean and crisp design this go round along with a new logo treatment. They also have some new work in their portfolio worth looking into. Their packaging for Olade beverages and design for the Biennial of the Americas collateral are particularly sharp. The site is looking sharp boys. Congratulations.

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Changethethought Seeking Developer

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We are currently ready for the next phase of Changethethought and are seeking to partner with a developer for relaunch of our website. We have a reasonable budget for the project but want to put a new and different kind of blog on the web as well as extending the look and reach of our creative portfolio. We will be contacting potential developers to work with privately as well. However, we feel there is a unique opportunity here to ask our audience, who are comprised of some of the brightest minds in the creative industry if they would like to work with us on the new site. We can guarantee a high level of exposure as well as the promise of producing something that will be noticed for years to come. We intend to continue running the website on the WordPress platform but are seeking to work with someone who can integrate key commands and jQuery into our new design. We will help drive the design but see this relationship as a creative partnership. You will have insight into the creative process and design as well as developing the final site. This is a chance to try something new that you haven’t had the chance to do for your corporate clients. Our website is the single most important aspect of our growth and is of the utmost importance to us. If you or someone you know might be right for this project please email us through our contact section. Please note, we are not asking for free work here. This is a paying project.

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Terrys Diary

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Eccentric photographer, very very eccentric photographer Terry Richardson has his own blog that he keeps very well stocked with his signature brand of raw imagery *including some kind of funny images of Terry Richardson.

*See image above.

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Blackline Posts

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There is some pretty fun and inspirational visuals collected within the visual diary of Salva López. It’s only 3 pages deep so far but shows a lot of promise.

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Surfstation Back Online

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Wow, I had no idea they intended to make a comeback but Surfstation is back online. For a while there, they were one of my favorite design/music/movie zines. It will be interesting to see how they fare now in the highly competitive world of blogging. The landscape has changed dramatically since they first came online a long time ago.

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Stuff White People Like

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A coworker sent this to me today and it was so dead on in so very many ways I could not resist sharing. Stuff White People Like is blog about, well you can take a guess. The thing about it is, there is a lot of content and damn it all if I didn’t identify with just about every single entry. Are we that transparent? Maybe our whiteness makes us so. Oh well, don’t just read the headlines either because the actual content is every bit as good as the headlines.

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This Aint No Disco

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This Ain’t No Disco is a blog archiving the interiors of Design Firms, Ad Agencies and the like from across the globe. It is a great study in the environments containing our strange little business. If you are trapped in a cubicle somewhere and want to daydream about being somewhere that not only creates for their clientele, but provides an environment to nurture that creativity out of their employees, then it is a great site to spend some time on. On the flipside, if you are working in one of these great places, you might want to send in some photos of your office, so the rest of us have something to salivate over.

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