Heydays: Updates

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Oslo-based design firm Heydays has updated with what I believe to be a new website and lots of good looking new print and branding work. It’s a good week for graphic design apparently.

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I don’t usually blog about other blogs but let’s face it most of what is out there on blogs is being generated by other blogs, email submission, tweets and really in totality the exchange of electronic media. It’s cyclical. What it’s starting to come down to is what some of my friends like to call ‘content Djaying’ or in other words ‘curation’.

Visual Journal is a blog run by Oslo-based Swedish Graphic Designer Joakim Jansson who works as a senior designer at the multi-disciplinary agency Bleed. He’s relatively new on the ‘content DJaying’ scene but I really like the tracks he is laying down so far.

The above image is comes from the studio work of Teacake.

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Bureau Bruneau: Updates

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Oslo-based graphic designer Ludvig Bruneau Rossow who toils under the name Bureau Bruneau has updated with some colorful projects since we last posted a link to his inspiring portfolio of work.

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Kristian Hammerstad

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Illustrator Kristian Hammerstad has an old school pulp comic style combined with a skater punk zombie aesthetic tipped off with a good dose of humor. It’s an extremely likeable combination of elements that comes together so seamlessly that you almost forget the skill and craft required to generate such fun imagery.

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Bleed: Updates

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Norwegian design firm Bleed has been busy and updated with several new projects. They continue to step up their game with a higher degree of sophistication in both their presentation and project work.

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Dynamo was created by Thibaud Tissot and Yassin Baggar to carry out self-commissioned editorial and typographical projects. They have a small but very promising body of work.

“Thibaud Tissot is a graphic designer who graduated from School of Applied Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) in 2007. Since then, he works at onlab, focusing mainly on editorial projects.

Yassin Baggar is a graphic designer who graduated from School of Applied Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) in 2007. He has been an intern at B&P Typefoundry and NODE Berlin Oslo. He now works on a publishing project with Christian Bordeaux and does freelance between Berlin and Switzerland.”

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Fredrik Melby

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Oslo-based designer Fredrik Melby has some curious and beautiful images in his Behance-folio. If you can’t get enough there you an also view his work via his studio website at Anti-ink. Why the name ‘Anti-ink’? I don’t honestly know but I suspect it may be that Melby is proud to be a digital designer.

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Your Friends: Updates

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Oslo-based graphic design studio Your Friends has updated with a new website and several new projects in their immaculate portfolio.

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Heydays: Updates

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Oslo-based multidisciplinary design studio Heydays has been busy and updated with a slew of new print and branding work this week. All of which is meticulously photographed (a skill in and of itself) and looks stunning. Their bold simple use of color makes their work pop.

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Sverre Malling

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Oslo-based, artist and illustrator Sverre Malling has the amazing ability to render some truly remarkable images with nothing other than charcoal. The resulting images are symbolic, compelling and beautifully rendered.

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Bleed Norway

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Bleed is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Oslo Norway. They have an interesting website and some equally intriguing work in their portfolio.

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Heydays: Updates

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Oslo-based studio Heydays has updated again with some fetching new work. The die-cut poster above is particularly attractive.

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Kid Create

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Oslo-based designer/developer Daniel Butler has some fun work and play happening in his portfolio. Maybe it will inspire you to play to.

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Your Friends

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Oslo based graphic design studio, Your Friends, founded by Carl Gürgens and Henrik Fjeldberg has some great work in their portfolio.

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Anti Design

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Oslo-based Norwegian design agency Anti yields an absolutely spectacular long scroll of beautiful design work at their website. Every piece in their book is fantastic.

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Great work in the portfolio of Heydays. Great intuitive use of Flash with their website as well.

More about Heydays:
“Heydays is an Oslo-based multidisiplinary design studio specialized in printed media, creative direction and graphic design. We work within a wide range of projects, from corporate identities, interactive websites, magazines, books and packaging. We strive to find a balance between idea, function and aesthetics in each of our projects. We’re like a young Marvin in his hey.”

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Madebymade is a graphic design studio based in Oslo, Norway and is a part of TBWA Oslo.
Made and it’s collaborators works in all fields of graphic design, art direction and illustration as well as personal projects and animation.

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Oh Yeah: Updates

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It appears that the crazy kids behind ‘Oh Yeah‘ have updated their site with all kinds of newness. I don’t know what is going down in Oslo but it sure looks like a good time. There is an enormous amount of work on the site and it is all pretty quality.

Just a squirrel in this world trying to get an oil covered diamond.

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