Paul Isabella

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Brooklyn-based designer Paul Isabella is very talented. He is one of those rare creative talents that possesses the unique ability to move seamlessly from something like graphic design into furniture design and fabrication without losing any of his craft. His work in both veins is equally inspiring and I would gladly hang a patterned print from him in my studio while sitting comfortably in one of his beautiful chairs.

I just returned from a trip to Brooklyn and walked through some of the areas where a lot of young designers and artists are taking up residence. It’s an exciting place to be and there is definitely a universal creative hive mind happening there that is causing some amazing work to come out of that area.

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Bakery Design

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Bakery Design was founded in 2009 by Gil Sheffi, Ran Amitai and Gilli Kuchik who became friends while studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. They take a thinking man’s approach to their industrial design work experimenting with different materials and technology to achieve innovative solutions.

The process that went into accomplishing the ‘Industrial Upholstery ‘ chair above was created using upholstery fabric as the mold for the construction whereby two kinds of polyurethane were injected into the fabric for both form and comfort. The chairs themselves are beautiful works of art in their own right and it would be nice to see them picked up for mass production.

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Robo Chair

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If you haven’t kept up, I am a big big big chair freak. I love chairs. Now that I have a house and studio, I am constantly looking for an opportunity to find a little corner to put another strange chair in. I’d love to just have my own little chair museum someday. I have a pair of yellow Vitra Verner Panton Chairs in our upstairs office and bedroom that my wife still isn’t sure about. But man was I excited to finally have a space to put some Panton chairs in (and yellow makes me smile). Anyway, the Robo Chair designed by Luca Nichetto for Offecct is a modern classic and another I would definitely add to the collection if I find a way to get one from Sweden all the way over here to my little studio in middle America. It’s a sleek and beautiful little piece of functional art. I want one in a bad way.

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Sebastian Jansson

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Sebastian Jansson’s people sent a note alerting me to his beautiful geometric furniture design. I would kill to have a couple of those stools pulled up next to my bar at home.

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David Sears

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David Sears is a furniture designer who utilizes sustainable materials to create his work. That alone is notable, but the added bonus is that his modular designs are also beautiful and contemporary.

More on Sears:
“David Sears Design, founded in 2006, is committed to modern furniture designs that are beautiful, intelligent and environmentally responsible. Principal David Sears brings superb design into homes and offices through furniture that connects people with their environments.

Sears is constantly exploring new materials and ideas, most recently – notions of modularity. He often takes his design cues from his wood – eco-friendly and high quality, harvested from sustainably managed forests. His designs are marked by clear modern forms and striking connective joints.”

Via Design Milk.

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Duffy London – Shadow Chair

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Duffy London has produced a chair that first appears to sit mysteriously only on two legs but the black metal ‘shadow’ acts as a cantilever supporting the weight of the chair. Its a really cool idea and an equally cool and beautiful piece of minimal modern design. Wish I could afford the sticker price.

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Infinity Bench

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If anyone really understood just how bad I want one of these Infinity Benches, you might actually feel sorry for me. All I need is $4,200 dollars. That’s it. Or maybe Carl Fredrik Svenstedt could just send me one and I will promise to promote anything he does from here on out. I am ready to offer that up for just one bench. I know exactly where it would go in my home. Pretty please.

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DoubleButter is a Denver, CO-based furniture design and manufacturing company founded by David Larabee and Dexter Thornton. They have just launched an entirely new website featuring an online shop that ships within 10 days of purchase. The stock consists of modernist, hard-wearing and high-quality chairs, tables and case goods in a range of colors and materials. The site is also now featuring photographs of every piece in the line (in every color and material combination) and a set of publication-ready, high-resolution images for download. There are some really unusual materials to choose from as well. It is absolutely fantastic to see some really high caliber furniture design coming out of Denver. It is wonderful to have Doublebutter on our scene. I started a new category today just for the occasion.

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Ben Rousseau Furniture

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Ben Rousseau creates some subtle yet striking furniture with an added glowing bonus touch. As I am in currently in the market for purchasing a new home, I would love to have that t.v. stand and table in my living room. Gorgeous design.

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