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“My name is Jonathan Lax (also known as YONIL) and i am an illustrator and a graphic designer born 1982 in Holon (That’s a city in Israel).

I graduated with honors from the Department of Visual Communication at the Holon Institute of Technology H.I.T. This happened in 2009.

My main influences are urbanism, cities, music posters, album covers and street arts. I believe that the essence of every artwork is its basic idea, so I would usually devote a great deal of time for an idea to emerge.

I currently live and work in Tel-Aviv, Israel.”

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Crossing the Lines

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“Crossing Lines is a short film that documents Irish artist Conor Harrington trip to Tel Aviv, Israel and Bethleham, Palestine in May 2010.”

Camera, Edit & Score – Andrew Telling
Grade – Chloe Hayward
Audio Mix & Master – Andrew Telling & Dave House

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Bakery Design

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Bakery Design was founded in 2009 by Gil Sheffi, Ran Amitai and Gilli Kuchik who became friends while studying at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. They take a thinking man’s approach to their industrial design work experimenting with different materials and technology to achieve innovative solutions.

The process that went into accomplishing the ‘Industrial Upholstery ‘ chair above was created using upholstery fabric as the mold for the construction whereby two kinds of polyurethane were injected into the fabric for both form and comfort. The chairs themselves are beautiful works of art in their own right and it would be nice to see them picked up for mass production.

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Yulia Gorodinski

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Russian born Yulia Gorodinski is an Israel based photographer who earned an MA in English Literature from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also an accomplished image maker whose focus of study just so happens to be herself. Yulia takes self portrait photographs that are expertly composed and made all the more enticing by the fact that she is also incredibly attractive. It’s definitely a unique way to break into the fashion photography industry as both photographer and model in one package.

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Pavel Bolo

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Pavel Bolo is a Tel Aviv based photographer with a fashion-inspired body of work. Bolo turns that fashion inspiration into art while still managing to push himself outside his comfort zone into more contemporary imagery.

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Broken Fingaz

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This is the first animation clip produced by Tant and Unga of the ‘Broken Fingaz‘ graffiti crew from Israel. Be sure to drop by their website after the video to see more of their work.

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“Born in Israel in 1973, Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art & Design. He has been based in London since 2001. In 2003, Bar received his first national magazine commission from Time Out London, and since then he has worked for an array of media clients, including the BBC, Random House, The Observer, The Economist and Wallpaper.”

His work can currently be seen at his rep’s website, Dutch Uncle. Noma’s ‘negative space’ illustrations have been circulating the creative blogosphere over the last few weeks for the simple reason that most of them are just brilliant.

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Yulia Tangled

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Yulia is an Israeli photographer who captures gorgeous retro-styled images of equally gorgeous women. It makes you want to wile away a romantic day at the beach and steal a kiss or two.

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