Jonas Lundqvist

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Finnish Photographer Jonas Lundqvist has an immaculate portfolio of images captured primarily for the fashion industry. He’s comfortable with a range of lighting and an expert at staging his subjects for a powerful effect.

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Therese+Joel is a Finnish/Swedish photography team known for their cinematic, evokative black and white photographs. Their work has gained a strong following lately and is attracting attention in the fashion world.


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Helen Korpak

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Soft, subtle and introspective photographs fill the portfolio of Finnish photographer Helen Korpak. Images that will illicit a brief pause.

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Kokoro & Moi: Updates

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Finnish multi-disciplinary studio Kokoro & Moi has relaunched with a new site and several new projects to browse. The studio was founded in 2001 by designers Teemu Suviala and Antti Hinkula and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Jesse Auersalo: Updates

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Finnish illustrator Jesse Auersalo informed us that he has updated his portfolio with new examples of his dark, moody, sexy, soft and silky imagery. Although I love his works in black and white, I was immediately drawn to the single illustration rendered in color.

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Antti Uotila: Updates

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Finnish illustrator Antti Uotila has been busy lately and wrote in to let us know he has updated with both a new website and new neon colored collage-style work.

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Sebastian Jansson

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Sebastian Jansson’s people sent a note alerting me to his beautiful geometric furniture design. I would kill to have a couple of those stools pulled up next to my bar at home.

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Daniel Stolle

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Illustrator Daniel Stolle was born in Germany and graduated with a degree in design in 2006. He currently lives and works in Finland. His balanced compositions utilize a raw and simple style that quickly communicates.

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Jaakko Mattila

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Jaakko Mattila is a Finnish artist who works primarily with geometric shapes but also branches out into more organic forms of abstract compositions. Although I was at first drawn more towards his geometric-focused pieces, I was really taken by the above gloss on board painting.

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Some really nice illustration work is being repped at the Finnish Pekka. I have seen almost all of the work there but never put two and two together.

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Sakke Soini

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Crazy horses and monkeys and triangles and well, just crazy glowing things that look kind of awesome from Finnish designer/illustrator Sakke Soini. I have posted his work before but there has been some notable updates including the pretty damned cool image above.

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Ville Savimaa

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Really interesting illustrations in the portfolio of Ville Savimaa.

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Jouko Lehtola

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To be honest some of the images in the portfolio of Finnish Photographer, Jouko Lehtola kind of scared me. Regardless of that, amazing and fascinating images abound within that portfolio and it is well worth a long browse.

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Vänskap is a four designer art & communication agency offering graphic design, creative direction, motion graphics and illustration. Vänskap was established in the summer
of 2003. The two offices are located in Helsinki and Berlin.

Vänskap is working with clients such as: Adidas, Colette, Design Forum Finland, Finnish National Television YLE, Harper & Collins, Hufvudstadsbladet, IMAG, IMU Design, Music Television, Odd Projects, Service Records, Tavastia”

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Chris Bolton

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There is some really attractive design and typography to be found in the recently updated portfolio of Helsinki-based Graphic Designer, Chris Bolton.

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Antti Uotila

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Finnish illustrator Antti Uotila sent me an email letting me know they had updated with new work. It’s all very interesting and stylistic recalling 60’s hand drawn album art.

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Antti Uotila

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There is some trendy and stylistic work in the portfolio of Helsinki, Finland-based graphic designer/artist Antti Uotila. The piece above is one of the few graphic design pieces at the site, but collectively there is something pretty uniquely strange going on across the body of work.

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Antero Nuutinen

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A long scroll of brightly colored candy coated work can be found at the website of Finnish Graphic Artist and Illustrator Antero Nuutinen. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love giant furry bunnies?

If you are looking for more information about him however, it looks as though you will just have to send him an email.

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