Should I Work For Free

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Jessica Hische has assembled a nice little chart to help you answer the age old question ‘Should I Work For Free?‘ Most of the time, I would say no but there are exceptions to every rule and good causes that can always use and extra hand.

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Jessica Hische

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Jessica Hische has finally printed her entire Daily Drop Cap project as 8 inch by 8 inch letterpress posters.  You can purchase one at a time for $40 bucks a piece or the entire alphabet for $2,000. They are absolutely gorgeous works of typographical art and she really out did herself printing all of them as letterpress posters. It’s a genuine way to appreciate her efforts in a timeless format. I’d love to purchase the letters to spell ‘changethethought’ but dare say we probably couldn’t afford the price tag at the moment.

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The Daily Drop Cap

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The Daily Drop Cap is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische. Each work day she posts a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap that you can use in your blog posts. There is some lovely typography work happening as a result of her efforts. Great idea.

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Jessica Hische Poster

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I am really loving this ornamental alphabet poster by typographer Jessica Hische today. Wish I had the cash on hand to pick one up. Beautiful work.

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