Aerosynlex: Updates

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Aerosynlex has updated recently with some colorful and energetic new project work. His portfolio is definitely wild and imbued with a kinetic energy. It’s always fun to drop in and check out what he’s doing.

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There is a wild body of imagery in the portfolio of Soemone who’s real name is Pierre Doucin. He is a member of the KDU and while his personal work is definitely the heart of his portfolio he does have some fun commercial work on display as well.

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Trust in Elements: Updates

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French graphic designer and illustrator Xavier Bourdil has updated his portfolio with some recent work for the KDU. He’s a whiz with Photoshop and the result is some subtle but attractive imagery.

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Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic is a Designer, Typographer & Creative Director of The KDU (the world’s largest private design society.) Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lex is a graduate of both Pratt Institute and Temple University of Japan, and has lived and worked in New York and Tokyo. He is currently based in Brooklyn.”

There’s some high gloss in that there portfolio.

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Spaceknuckle: Updates

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One of our favorite KDU-backed black and white pop-culture enthusiast illustrators Josh Vanover sent us word this morning that he had updated his ever-inspiring body of work at Spaceknuckle. Design copywriter Matthew Newton recently interviewed Josh at the always-amazing blog and online design zine Computer Love as well. Wicked evil good stuff homie, thanks for the heads up.

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Onrepeat: Updates

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Joao Oliveira appears to have updated with some newer work since I last dropped in on his portfolio. I really like his work.

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Daniel Gordon

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There is some interesting type work in the Behance-folio of designer Daniel Gordon. It looks like he has been a contributor for the KDU cause for a few years now as well.

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Rebeliarts was formed in 2005 to showcase the works of Wojciech Zalot, Lukasz Wrona and Krzysztof Labno. It has since turned into a small multi-discipline  design studio.

Now say those names 3 times really fast.

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