Mario Hugo: Updates

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I’ve always been very public about my love for all things Mario Hugo and he’s given me more to love yet again with a nice site update featuring a few new choice projects.

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Mario Hugo: Updates

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Mario Hugo has kept busy with multiple ventures in New York lately but not too busy to update his personal portfolio which he recently did. There are some, as always striking new images in his portfolio earmarked for 2011.

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10 Questions: Mario Hugo

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London based creative design agency Mat Dolphin sat down with 10 questions for one of their favorite designer illustrators (and he’s one of mine as well) Mario Hugo. It’s a quick, candid and personal interview that should offer a little insight into the personality and process that lies behind the work of Mr. Hugo.

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Mario Hugo: Updates

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Talented illustrator and designer Mario Hugo has kept busy and recently updated with some new examples of his fantastic work. He remains one of my favorites and it’s great to see him doing so well since he launched his studio.

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Hugo & Marie

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I just stepped in from having lunch with Mario Hugo and his partner at Hugo & Marie. They are really lovely people, and I was flattered just to be able to share a meal with them and just talk. Mario is one of those few artists who possesses the kind of genuine talent that has allowed him crossover success within the art, illustration and contemporary design world. I am a big personal fan of everything he puts his hand to.

We had a lengthy discussion about the nature of the art and design world as well as the current trends in the blogosphere. Mario had some interesting and strong opinions. It’s always refreshing to actually get to meet people that you look up to face to face and pick their brain.

They have been on a bit of a wild ride since starting Hugo & Marie but have been amazingly smart about the people they have so far chosen to represent. They have a truly amazing roster of unique individuals under their umbrella so far. Those choices have so far allowed them to work with some ‘dream’ clientele within the music and entertainment world.

It’s always a blessing to see truly passionate and talented people doing what they love and experiencing success. There is nothing more inspirational than witnessing people living their dreams.

The last 2 times we have met, they have given me some prints from some of their artists and illustrators. Today I was handed prints from one of their newest illustration talent Merjin Hos. The prints are nothing short of beautiful and will definitely find their way onto a wall in my home. You can see Hos’s work at Hugo & Marie’s website or at his personal site.

If you are currently seeking art, design or illustration talent for your next big project, then look no further. Not only will you be getting the best, you will also be working with some genuinely nice people. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Thank you Jennifer and Mario.

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Mario Hugo: 1 More Time

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Mario Hugo is one of the few, if not only designers that deems a post just by updating his portfolio with only a single new piece, but oh what a beautifully crafted piece of work it is. He remains one of my favorites, probably number one on my inspiration list right now. Amazing.

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Mario Hugo: Updates

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The very talented Mario Hugo has updated his site with some new work. I am really a huge fan of his work. All of it is just beautiful, and every time I visit his website I kick myself in the ass to get up and create something. I just can’t say enough good things about what he produces. It is a true meld of design and art. Out of the 2,670 posts I have done, including this one, his work still stands out as one of my absolute favorites. His work literally inspired me to push away from the computer again, finally, and pick up the pencil to start drawing again.

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Hugo And Marie

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The recently established consultancy and talent agency, Hugo and Marie somehow managed to gather some of my favorite designers and illustrators all under one umbrella. Impressive.

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Ahh, I love the type work of Mario Hugo. Love it. Love it. Love it. He just updated his site and there is some tasty stuff there. Tasty.

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