Build: Updates

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If you are a good little designer then you have no doubt been inspired for a long time now by the work of Michael C. Place and his studio Build. He is a well established brand in this tough business we find ourselves scraping away at and he has consistently put out solid work for so long now that he almost makes it look easy. Build has recently updated with more minimal and downright beautiful work for print, branding and web and like usual it is well worth a look.

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Build: Holding Page Poster

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These posters designed by Build were originally created and printed for now-defunct Australian magazine Refill. And now you can buy one of the leftovers. It’s a hot-looking item and apparently supplies are limited so get your hustle on.

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Build: New Website

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Michael C Place and his wife have updated their website at Build. For the devout design fan Michael really needs no introduction as his work has been a strong influence on many designers over the years. His ‘keep it Helvetica’ approach has kept his work classic throughout his career and has kept him in the eye of many a client.

In case you do not know his story here is a little of his background from his new site:
Michael C Place studied graphic design at Newcastle College from 1988—1990 and makes no secret of the fact that he left early to follow his dream of designing record sleeves. Michael worked first with Trevor Jackson in London before moving back up North to work with influential graphics studio The Designers Republic in Sheffield, where he worked for the best part of 9 years. Whilst there Michael produced some of the best-known & seminal works of tDR that, although always anonymous, became well-known amongst followers of the studio. In 2000 Michael took a break from the design world and went on a 10-month world trip with his wife Nicky, returning to set up Build in 2001. Michael features in the 2007 film ‘Helvetica-A Documentary Film’, has spoken at numerous conferences worldwide, & has several times been a judge at the prestigious D&AD global awards.
Michael is the Creative Director of Build.”

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Pantone Postcards

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Michael C. Place at Build has an idea for a set of A6 postcards matching actual historical events, births, deaths, scientific breakthroughs with their proper Pantone color. There is more information about the subject on the reverse side of the card. He used Wikipedia as a reference. I say print those bad boys up.

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Build Blog

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Michael C. Place has started an official blog for Build that you can view here.

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