We Three Club

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We Three Club is the work of Alex and Chris White both educated in the UK with degrees in Fashion and Fine Art respectively. The have a fully loaded arsenal of classic poster work in their portfolio. It’s all oozing a sharp personality that draws influence from psychedelic poster art past, 80s skate graphics and Chicano Folk art with just the right amount of fashion sense.

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The Bungaloo

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John Vogl is a crazy talented local illustrator based right here in Denver, CO. He has somehow slipped my attention but I recently stumbled across his work and was incredibly impressed by his poster art. He’s got some absolutely fantastic posters for sale at both his Etsy Shop and his Big Cartel store.

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Dan Stiles

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Poster artist and graphic designer Dan Stiles is based in Portland, Oregon and has been at it for the last 15 years.

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I am just really blown away today by the poster art of Emek. All of it is rich, amazingly conceived and incredibly rendered. It’s hard to think of one person outputting such an amazing body of poster art all by themselves. Truly inspiring. This is definitely ‘poster art’.

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eBoy – Los Angeles Poster

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Wow, this new poster by eBoy is insane. I don’t think he left a thing out. It’s about the mad havoc that is the city of angels. You can find it and buy it here.

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Smalticolor Editions

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Smalticolor Dizzy Dizzy Ghost

There are some interesting, somewhat We Work For Them inspired posters at Smalitcolor for your viewing pleasure. So when did it become standard to have to print out your posters, put on some hipster girl jeans, and hold the poster up in front of you to be photographed. I just can’t help but notice that everyone under thirty who is ‘cool’ has to display their posters or large prints that way. How do cheesy trends like that get started?

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Jason Munn: The Small Stakes

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Jason Munn: The Small Stakes

There is some really classic work in the portfolio of Jason Munn who calls himself The Small Stakes. Absolutely gorgeous work as a matter of fact. Great use of negative space and beautifully understated minimal typography. He seems to understand and capture the personality and essence of each band while maintaining his minimal style. Be sure to spend some time looking through his work, every click of the next button is worth the time.

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