Kilian Eng Again

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Science Fiction illustrator Kilian Eng updates his amazing portfolio yet again with more insanely beautiful and striking imagery. He continues to be a source of both inspiration and a wellspring of imagination.

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Justin Mezzell

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Wow I am really digging the retro-styling of Florida based illustrator or shall I say graphic illustrator Justin Mezzell. He’s got his thing dialed and it’s ringing my number.

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“The film is set in post-nuclear Tokyo in a dimension not so distant from ours. Young salary-man’s morning commute takes a surreal turn.”

Cinematographer: Ryouken Okamura
Gaffer:Satoshi Mizoguchi
Designer: Nami Masuda – 66 DESIGN
Composer: Yuuki Ono – WONDROUS inc. / Chorus: CANTUS
Sound Mixer: Yuri Hasegawa
3DCG: Wataru Hanajima & Kanji Fukuta / Inferno: Hisashi Suzuki
Colorist: Motoi Tanaka
Photographer: Tokio Kuniyoshi -Shootinglife LLC.
Web Designer: Junji Suzuki
Costume Designer: Chihiro Yasuda
Deco Designer: Mio Shoji

Executive Producer: Mike DeMille
Producer: Jamie Holland & Pasha Alpeyev
Production manager: Ryousuke Haruta
Assistant director: Nobushige Suematsu
Written & Directed by: Yukihiro Shoda

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Kilian Eng

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Stockholm based illustrator Kilian Eng updated his Behance-folio once again with more magnificent 70’s/80’s retro-sci-fi-inspired imagery that employs the use of simple line art, imaginative color and even more imaginative scenery. Count me as a fan.

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Dan McPharlin: Updates

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I have to admit that I am a gushing fan of Sci-Fi illustrator Dan McPharlin. Everything he puts his fingers too just turns into pure magic. He has updated his Flickrfolio recently with new album art for various bands that was completed in his trademark 70’s throwback style and all of it is just beautiful. Dan is the man.

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Adrift on the Hourglass Sea

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Artist/photographers Kahn and Selesnick have churned out a sci-fi inspired series of images that you can view via their Tumblr feed. It’s a fun, interesting and inspiring scroll of some very considered and carefully crafted compositions.

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Born in Concrete

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Born in Concrete is the artwork of Vancouver based Derek Stenning. His focus is on astronauts, flight and sci-fi and he puts an enormous amount of work into crafting his highly detailed visions of an alternate reality.

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The Raven

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“Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him. The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.”

There has been a lot of buzz about this short lately. I think because it’s the kind of thing that is possible now in a world of digital creative when an ambitious group of people bands together with a menial budget to create something amazing. And that’s exactly what happened here and it’s impossible not to feel inspired by the effort.

Director : Ricardo de Montreuil
Producers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Eliz Eskeranli
Writers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Antonio Perez
Cinematographer: Andres Sanchez
Music by: Angelo Milli
Special Effects Supervisor: Aaron Burns
3D Modeling and Animation: Juan Somarriba and Francisco Concha
Visual Effects and Compositing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Editing: Ricardo de Montreuil
Color Correction: Santiago Padilla
Sound Design and Mixing: Martin Seltzer
Budget: $5k
Format: RED 1920×1080
Special thanks: Filmosonido, CO3 and Converse

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Alexis Rockman

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Alexis Rockman has exhibited his work at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. It is easy to see how his unique imagery that is a mishmash of post-apocalyptic science fiction, pop culture, science and biology would strike a cord with many a viewer. It definitely struck one in me.

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Oasis Terminal

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This is an auspicious project to just go out there and produce. Really impressive work. Congratulations to all of the parties involved. DIY. Lets go make a movie together. Any takers? I have some ideas.

“Science Fiction Short Film. 16mm. English subtitles. 25 years into the future, civilization has been destroyed by nuclear war. Andres, one of the few survivors, searches for a mythical place called The Oasis, the only hope for mankind.”

Credits are definitely due:
Written and Directed by: Ruben Fernandez
Country: Colombia
Length: 15 minutes
Year: 2007
Cast: Andres Sandoval, Ruben Di Pietro, Rey Vazques, Catalina Navas, Julian Caballero
Executive Producers: Veronica Echeverri, Lucrecia Villa
Cinematography: Dario Colmenares
Production Design: Carolina Zuluaga, Katerine Mendoza
Wardrobe: Carolina Rodriguez
Sound Design: German Ricaurte
Music: German Ricaurte
Visual Effects: Luciano Millan, Andrei Delgado, Jaime Guzman

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Thom Kerr

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Fashion photographer Thom Kerr has recently completed a sci-fi-inspired series of photos that are unique for someone who leans more to the photography side versus design and illustration. Kerr studied fine arts in Brisbane and began his career as a writer and director. He approaches his photo sessions much as a director would a shoot. He scripts the concept and then carries out his vision. You can read more about Kerr and his latest work at Fashionation.

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David Schleinkofer

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David Schleinkofer mostly paints fine art and landscape piece now. He explains in his Flickr profile that painting for Sci-Fi dried up in the 90’s with the introduction to the computer. He prefers to work by hand and finds the computer too frustrating of a medium. He loves the tactility of paint. Here’s to hoping we could get him to pick up that brush and knock out some space men again.

Regardless, you can still see some of his amazing Sci-Fi paintings in his Flickr-folio.

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Crazy Amazing Art

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I stumbled across this amazing collection of carefully curated art in the flickr account of Sarcoptiform via But Does It Float. There is just some really amazing work happening in the collection. I was crazy inspired. I cannot wait to pick up the pencil tomorrow. Some of the work made my brain want to jump out of my head.

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I am a big fan of both Sci-fi and Sam Rockwell, so I am definitely going to see moon when it hits theaters here in June.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film:
Directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. Plot: Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet’s power problems.”

Director Duncan Jones is actually the son of one of my all time favorite rock and roll front men, David Bowie. From the glowing reviews the movie is so far receiving on the festival circuit, it doesn’t sound like Jones will need the nepatism connection to validate his talent. However, I must admit to being a little bit extra excited about the super duper triple threat combination of a connection to one of my favorite rock stars of all time, science fiction and one of my favorite actors. From what I have heard, much of the film’s effects were done in camera versus digital, and from the trailer I do get a more tangible sense of environment than the normal modern digital effect movie fare. I have already read crys of ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ rip off in the movie forums, but I think the film looks like it will stand on it’s own two legs. And I can’t say personally that I am bothered by that accusation since 2001 is probably my favorite movie of all time. Regardless, I am definitely seeing this one.

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