Jesse Balmer: Updates

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Artist and illustrator Jesse Balmer has updated his unique and surreal portfolio with some inspiring new works.

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Stephan Balleux: Updates

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I’ve been inspired by the organically surreal artwork of painter Stephan Balleux since I first stumbled upon it. He’s updated his website with more comprehensive views of his aggressive and ambitious art exhibitions. It’s all very worth a highly inspirational browse.

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Tristram Lansdowne

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There are some strangely surreal and meticulously crafted images in the portfolio of Canadian artist Tristram Lansdowne. Many of which I very much enjoy.

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Tania Blanco

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Wow, there are some surreal images floating around in the mind of painter Tania Blanco. Fortunately she is able to put them on canvas in an absolutely exquisite way that beguiles an amazing talent.


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Alex Fischer

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Alex Fischer composes his figures and landscapes by assembling a variety of visual and conceptual sources. Keeping in mind that ideas of the future are inevitably the fastest to change, Fischer maintains that human nature is a fallible and susceptible state.”

Fischer’s collages (if that is how they can actually be described) are strangely surreal and extremely painterly. They are sometimes eerie and kinetic as if they are capturing movement. His work does recall some influence from Francis Bacon but it’s as if Chagall and Bacon shared a nightmare that transformed into a surrealist dream.

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Will Barras: Updates

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Artist Will Barras has recently updated his site with some new and spectacular paintings. There is something extremely dark dynamic about his surreal paintings. The imagery appears to be swirling in a subconscious vortex and many of his works appear as though they might just move right off the canvas. Beautiful work.

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Mikaylah Bowman

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Texan photographer Mikaylah Bowman is an artist. There is no mincing words about that. She has an unusual eye for composition and experiments with her subjects to create sometimes eerie, psychedelic and disturbing and yet at other times highly cosmic and contemplative imagery. All of which is art.

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Feral Kid

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Feral Kid is the art work of João Ruas who was born in São Paulo, Brazil. After a stint in London from 2004 to 2007 he is now home again in São Paulo but has been exhibiting internationally. You can view his feminine form inspired surrealism at both his website and in his Flickr-folio.

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Till Rabus

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Sex, art, surrealism, trompe l’oeil, violence and consumerism all slam together in the pop realist meets surrealist paintings of Swiss artist Till Rabus and there are moments of sheer brilliance happening in the mixto-art-soup that looks absolutely delicious. It’s rare that the word fabulous is apropos but alas here we are.

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Scott Anderson

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Culture motif mixing artist Scott Anderson received his first BFA from Kansas State and from their went on to earn a MFA at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His surreal and sometimes apocalyptic visions are realized in oil and he has exhibited mostly throughout the U.S. since earning his MFA.

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Surreal imagery fills the Flickr-folio of photographer Fenk. The images of what appear to be people who’s heads are exploding into light or glitter are my personal favorites.

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Nicole Gordon

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Painter Nicole Gordon’s work is obviously influenced by Northern Renaissance painters like Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch. Her paintings utilize surrealist environments to communicate the concept of sin. The mashup combination of old world inspiration with modern day subject matter manifests a particular tension in her work.

Her artist statement claims that her apocolyptic visions reflect hope and a possibility for change in an era where the destruction of the environment is par for the course in a post industrialized world that puts economy before ecosystem.

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Max Dworkin

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Max Dworkin has captured some considered and beautiful images.

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Ready, Able – Grizzly Bear

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Here is the latest and rather amazing stop motion video directed by Allison Schulnik for Grizzly Bear. Her painting has come to life.

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Parc-Graphic: Updates

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Parc-Graphic has updated with a new website and new work. All of the work is simple, unusual, organic and surreal.

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Allison Schulnik

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It only takes a few strokes in just the right places for artist Allison Schulnik to make a very strange and rather disquieting impression.

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Crazy Amazing Art

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I stumbled across this amazing collection of carefully curated art in the flickr account of Sarcoptiform via But Does It Float. There is just some really amazing work happening in the collection. I was crazy inspired. I cannot wait to pick up the pencil tomorrow. Some of the work made my brain want to jump out of my head.

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Jeff Jordan

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Wow, bizarre and unusual art from Jeff Jordan.

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