ONEQ: Updates

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ONEQ updates with some stunning new hyper stylized pinup images drawing inspiration from Japanese prints and tattoo culture. Be prepared to get your scroll on.

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McBess: Updates

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McBess has updated with some new work to his fantastic portfolio and added a little tweak to his wholly unique and totally recognizable style. That tweak arrives in the form of color and it’s something he swears he hates and will never do again but I kinda like it.

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Mike Giant Tumblr

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It’s not really news whenever someone starts a Tumblr account but when that someone is bad ass illustrator and tattoo artist Mike Giant well…then it is news.

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Luke Jinks

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Luke Jinks’s illustrations draw influence from folklore, tales from the past, and traditional western tattoo culture. Luke is also tattoo apprentice at Infinite Ink tattoo studio near Birmingham.

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Amanda Wachob

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I have thought about getting a tattoo since I was in my teens and have never been able to commit. Amanda Wachob has me thinking differently and reconsidering what is even possible with a tattoo. Her tattoos looks as though they are painted on using a brush. The color work is also remarkable. It’s permanent art that would no doubt spark a few conversations.

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Art for a Dollar

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Tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, recently exhibited at the O.H.W.O.W. gallery in Miami, Florida. Part of the exhibition consisted of a series of laser-cut etchings on stacks of 1 dollar bills. The collection is entitled “Make It Rain” (which undercuts with razor-sharp irony).

More at Divine Caroline.

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Mike Giant: White Walls SF

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The results of Mike Giant’s recent show at White Walls SF can currently be seen at the White Walls website. I was absolutely blown away, especially when you consider that all of the work is sharpie, pen and ink. I have been working with vector art for more than a decade now and to see someone bang out something that looks like a vector by hand is pretty amazing. The type work is phenomenal as well. Again just unreal that it is done by hand. The fact that Giant signs his work with a thumb print makes the pieces even more indescribably awesome.

A lot of the work is still available for purchase as well and if you are a collector you can’t miss. If you can afford an expensive art purchase in this economy please help support this artist because his work is top notch.

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Laser-etching Tattoo

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Wow, this is one of those things that is just too weird to ignore. A teenager modified a laser-etching machine to give himself a Pac-Man tattoo. He disable the safety mechanism in the machine with a die and a magnet in order to get it to perform the job. It looks like it would hurt like hell but you can already imagine the implications and the ideas other people would get as to what they could have burned into them. I’ll pass on this one but it’s pretty interesting.

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