Good Books: Havana Heat

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Well if you can recall Buck’s contribution to the Good Books campaign earlier this year then you also still probably remember having at least part of your face melted. If you can believe it Good Books has done it again this time by combining the talents of Mcbess and Simon from The Mill in London to produce this equally amazing piece of animation and copywriting. (Mcbess also works for The Mill). I was very impressed by the writing in both of these spots but the animation does steal the show.

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McBess: Updates

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McBess has updated with some new work to his fantastic portfolio and added a little tweak to his wholly unique and totally recognizable style. That tweak arrives in the form of color and it’s something he swears he hates and will never do again but I kinda like it.

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Dudes Factory

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Dudes Factory have some absolutely kick ass tees by some of my favorite illustrators like McBess. The only problem is that between the prices and the shipping they have priced their way out of most buyers in the U.S., especially in this economy. If you can swing it, they have a nice catalog of tees for man, woman and child.

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McBess Live Drawing

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Talented artist/illustrator McBess cranks out a live drawing for Inkygoodness 4 “PLAY” and through the magic of video you all get to watch. I really like his style a lot.

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Absolutely awesome video by Simon and McBess.

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McBess Equals Awesomeness

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Wow, McBess is the illustration work of a very young man living in London who speaks French very well and Spanish not so good. That is about all I can figure out from his website. Oh yeah, that and his work is totally fucking awesome. I can say that too because I am trying to be the HBO of design blogs here, so the word fuck is not off limits and it definitely applies in this situation.

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