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Things get a little creepy in the portfolio of artist and illustrator Kreemos. It’s the kind of psychedelic creepy that I like though.

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Gregory Euclide

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The artwork of Gregory Euclide takes pieces of landscapes and melts them into almost psychedelic dream like visions that manage to both tug at your imagination while remaining ever-conscious of the physical aspect of the paint medium. I’d imagine they are much more striking in person.

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Julien Langendorff

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Julien Langendorff is doing the hip, weird, retro, 70s psychedelic collage thing right just when you thought it couldn’t be done right anymore. Well Langendorff will prove you wrong.

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Tom Sewell: Updates

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Psychedelic collage artist and graphic designer Tom Sewell has updated with a few new and extremely trippy projects since I last checked in. He also has some of his work available as prints here if you’d like to have a little something to hang on your wall and scare your friends with (shrooms not included).

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Yoshi Sodeoka: Psychedlic Gifs

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Anyone who has frequented this site over the past few years will know there is a special place in my heart for animated gifs which can sometimes be a point of contention since some people think they are pure and pointless trite nonsense. But that is what makes them kind of radical in my opinion. So I was pleased to discover the ‘Psychedelic Gif‘ works for artist Yöshi Sodeöka and event more pleasantly surprised to find a larger, more complex and all the more compelling body of artistic work to accompany the series.

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OK Chickadee

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Illustrator Angie Wang has updated with some psychedelic, kinetic and vibrantly colorful imagery that is spilling over with energy.

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Jeremy Dower

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It’s a wild guess but Jeremy Dower might be a fan of two things, dogs and shrooms (or LSD). I could be wrong but judging by his extremely trippy dog paintings I would say I have a possible shot at being right on the money.

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Eric Yahnker: Updates

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Painter Eric Yahnker has posted some new work to his website, maybe not his most cerebral but still at the level of craftsmanship that his audience has come to expect. His work still continues to inspire.

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Mikaylah Bowman

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Texan photographer Mikaylah Bowman is an artist. There is no mincing words about that. She has an unusual eye for composition and experiments with her subjects to create sometimes eerie, psychedelic and disturbing and yet at other times highly cosmic and contemplative imagery. All of which is art.

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