Benoit Bodhuin

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Benoît Bodhuin has a flurry of interesting design work in his portfolio including some layout deconstructivist pieces that almost serve as abstract expressionistic graphic art.

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Be Street

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‘Dope’ is a word I just don’t use much anymore. Probably because I am too old to use it or using it just makes me feel old or actually using it has fallen out of fashion and I am behind because I am old but I digress. ‘Sick’ is a word I just can’t get behind. It sounds lame. How did ‘sick’ ever become associated with something cool? I mean the word sick just sounds, well kind of gross or you know sick. Anyway, you can take your pick, ‘dope’ or if you have to go there ‘sick’ and either one will work perfectly to describe the shit hot t-shirts that French street boutique brand Be Street has put together. Straight up dope. There I said it. Now I’ll get on with my crusty old ass.

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Trust in Elements: Updates

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French graphic designer and illustrator Xavier Bourdil has updated his portfolio with some recent work for the KDU. He’s a whiz with Photoshop and the result is some subtle but attractive imagery.

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ISE Ratinan Thaicharoen

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French illustrator ISE Ratinan Thaicharoen has had work posted on this blog before but there has been some updates lately that show an ever-evolving talent to produce beautiful hand-rendered illustrations.

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Andreas Shabelnikov

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French 3D illustrator, photographer and animator Andreas Shabelnikov has updated with some beautiful and often apocalyptic new imagery. It’s an unusual body of work and looks like a powerful niche to be currently occupying.

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Hellohikimori: Updates

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French web, design and animation studio Hellohikimori has updated with another in your face website featuring jarring music and kick ass project work. They are loud, proud and unafraid to go all out when it comes to color. Their stance is attracting some big clients lately and it’s great to see them doing so well.

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Aphte: Updates

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Illustrator Daniel Abensour hails from the south of France and mostly draws strange little creatures sometimes in a strange way and sometimes in a cute way. And he has also recently updated with more sometimes strange sometimes fun but always colorful creatures.

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123 Klan – 2011 Reel

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The infamous 123 Klan has posted a new show reel for 2011. They are still on top of their game and owning their style after what constitutes a very long time in this industry.

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Stephane Massa-Bidal

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French designer Stéphane Massa-Bidal has an exceptionally fun Flickrfolio full of experimental-for-the-hell-of-it typography, graphic design and illustration projects. He’s cranking it out and it’s fun to pick through but one of my favorites has definitely got to be the Warhol Vader image. It’s a classic you wish you’d though of.

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Jason Little

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The Behance-folio of Landor Associates Creative Director Jason Little is a treasure trove of exceptional graphic design. There are some exemplary print projects within yield long inspiring scrolls that will have you ready to sit down and start kerning.

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Benjamin Varin

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French graphic designer typographer Benjamin Varin has a real love for simple and tasty letterforms. Consequently there is some good looking simple yet colorful and playful type happening throughout his portfolio along with a few individually crafted fonts.

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Jean Christophe Naour

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Jean Christophe Naour is a French Interaction Designer based in Seoul, South-Korea. He has some striking work at his website including both beautifully accomplished examples of experimental interactive work as well as what appears to be 3D and graphic work. He is a multifaceted talent.

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Plasticbionic: Updates

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Julien Brisson who calls himself Plasticbionic hails from Nantes, France and recently worked as a Creative Director at Serial Cut (who also recently updated) but is now on his own freelancing for agencies worlwide with a nice collection of work in his portfolio.

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Pascal Blanche

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There are lots of new sexy, strange and surreal illustrations in the portfolio of 3D illustrator and concept artist Pascal Blanché whose aptly calling his playground the ‘Derelict Planet’. We would happily take up residence there.

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Romeo Jonathan

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Roméo Jonathan is a French 3D concept illustration artist with a seriously breathtaking body of work. He derives influence from manga, japanimation and video games to help fuel his inspiration to create some truly imaginative work. Apparently he started as a Flash web designer but discovered Cinema 4D and lifted off from there.

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123 Klan: New Website

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The infamous graffiti-inspired design crew 123 Klan have updated with a new website with several new projects including work for clients like dAidas, Nike, Stussy, Vans, Carhartt and Johnny Cupcakes. They’ve kept busy over the years and have really boiled their style down to what works.

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A is a Name: Updates

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French design/I am not entirely sure ‘A Is A Name’ have updated with well some rather strange projects that do inspire a bit of imaginative wonder.

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Jules Julien: Updates

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Illustrator Jules Julien has recently updated his illustration portfolio with a few new series of images including this rather humorous and fun series of smiling animals.

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