Pure Magenta

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Graphic design just does not get hipper or more ‘now’ than it does at Pure Magenta.

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I gotta say that Landland is quickly becoming one of my favorite poster-makers. Their work just kind of came out of nowhere (at least to me) in the past year or so and everything they release just gets better. It’s genuinely artistic work and it really stands out in the poster scene.

About Landland:
“Landland is a very small graphic design & illustration studio in Minneapolis that was started by Dan Black, Jessica Seamans & Matt Zaun in the spring of 2007. We had all been making things for quite a while before that, but 2007 was when we actually moved into a real studio and built the loft and the walls and a massive printing table, and learned how to install sinks and lights and all of that. Now it’s just Dan & Jes.

The Landland studio doubles as a fully-functional screenprinting shop, mainly focusing on record sleeves, posters and art prints. We make these things with computers and scanners and photocopiers and drawings and fun printing techniques and whatever we need to use to get the job done. We are also about to start publishing some short-run books and a handful of very limited-edition records. Where we live tends to get very cold, so a lot of times the only thing that makes sense is to stay inside and draw tessellation patterns or the names of bands or messed-up billboards or things that you remember from back when it was fun to go outside.”

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Burlesque: Updates

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Burlesque of North America updated their website for the first time in a very very long time and it looks oh-so-nice. They are a Minneapolis-based silkscreen and poster design shop that has risen to the top by generating amazing work and bringing about some amazing artists like Aaron Horkey. It doesn’t get much better than Burlesque. Go there and spend some money.

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Beast Pieces

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If you are a letterpress fan (and we are) then you will admire the work of Minneapolis based letterpress studio Beast Pieces. They are consistently cranking out some gorgeous work for clients all over the map and their name is spreading far and wide because of it.

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Allan Peters

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Allan Peters is a Minneapolis based Art Director, Graphic Designer and Typographer with some clean, simple and air-tight work in his portfolio including some exceptional type work for Nike.

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Mitch Monson

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Mitch Monson is a good friend of ours and he is also an extremely talented friend. He has an extensive and unique experience in the realm of broadcast design and branding. It’s a difficult corner of the business that takes a level of expertise in understanding how to stay on brand but still generate something beautiful. Mitch is one of the best in the business at achieving this balance. He’s currently located in Minneapolis but splits time in Denver because of his love for all things pertaining to the mountains. He’s currently working under the name ‘KIND’ and you can see some of his work in his Behance portfolio.

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Mono: Updates

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Minneapolis studio Mono has updated with a simple new website that features some downright sophisticated and amazing work for a remarkable roster of clients. They are on top of where advertising and design is today and should be closely watched.

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Charles S. Anderson

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Longtime Minneapolis bastion of contemporary graphic design Charles S. Anderson has updated with a new website and an easy-access archive of their inspiring body of work. Two of my college classmates have worked at CSA for several years now and have produced some amazing work under the Anderson roof.

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Woods and Weather: Updates

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Young Minneapolis based graphic designer Erik labors under the name Woods And Weather and recently updated with some new work for Brighton, U.K.’s NowThen Magazine.

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Eight Hour Day: Updates

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Minneapolis based husband and wife run design studio Eight Hour Day has updated with a new site and as always a portfolio of clean, considered and understated work.

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Ross Bruggink

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Ross Bruggink is a Minneapolis based graphic designer with some very nice work in his portfolio. I stumbled across him while searching for some inspiration for my Artcrank poster that I still have to create for this year’s Denver event. I love Bruggink’s poster. Very nice. I am curious if it was letterpressed.

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Diana Q

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Minneapolis based graphic designer Diana Quenomoen has a playful portfolio of work with a heavy emphasis on typography. She has some simple and classic work in her book.

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Allan Peters

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Allan Peters is a Senior Art Director from Minneapolis working at BBDO. His work has been recognized by Effie, AdFed, AIGA, Print, How, Davey and Rockport. His series of ‘posters on a stick’ are just downright brilliant.

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Michael Cina Associates

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Michael Cina is a long time inspiration to many of us in the modern design field. His work for We Work For Them was an influence on a lot of young designers in the last 10 years. WWFT also eventually lead to the start of the online storefront You Work For Them that many of us have purchased a book or poster from at one point or another. Michael is making some moves in 2010 and returning to his first love, design. He has recently updated his personal experiment depot True Is True for the first time in a long time. He has also launched Michael Cina Associates where he will be taking on design projects in 2010. It will no doubt be exciting to watch for the result of his efforts and we at Changethethought wish him the very best of luck in his new venture.

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Eight Hour Day: Updates

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Minneapolis-based design studio Eight Hour Day continues to stay busy and build their client list with some big names, most recently Digg. Their clean, stylized, consistent and easy-on-the-eyes approach to design and branding makes them very appealing. It’s easy to see why they are keeping busy.

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The portfolio of Minneapolis-based design studio Workerman has some nice examples of smart and simple design. Some of which (including the poster you wish you’d thought of) can be taken home via their online store.

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Flora Fauna World

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Minneapolis design firm/screenprinting shop hybrid Flora Fauna World has a small cache of red hot gig posters in their portfolio. And yes, they are available for sale.

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Minneapolis-based graphic designer Dylan C. Lathrop has recently launched a website that is spilling over with beautiful work.

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