Martin Ansin: The Mummy

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Mondo released two new silkscreened movie posters last week, one of which included this poster by our recent interviewee Martin Ansin. We were lucky enough to grab a copy but were really amazed by the detail of the illustration. Martin told us to keep an eye out for what he would be up to later this year and we were really stunned by his work for this poster. We think it’s some of his best work to date. We can’t wait to frame and hang this one.

The variant version of the poster uses actual hieroglyphs that were confirmed as accurate by a top researcher in the field. Unfortunately, both versions of the poster are sold out but you can always take a shot at eBay.

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CTT Q&A: Martin Ansin

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I have been a big fan of illustrator Martin Ansin for some time now. For the uninitiated, Martin is a Monteviedo, Uruguay based illustrator  who has been cranking out some amazing work for both commercial clients and the famed Alamo Drafthouse. His most recent print completes the Mondo director’s series for Guillermo del Toro depicting Ansin’s rendition of the director’s first film ‘Cronos’ and drops tomorrow morning. So it seemed like a perfect time to ask him a few questions about his life, inspirations, location and signature style that poster fans can’t quite seem to get enough of (myself included). It’s our first interview here at Changethethought and hopefully one of many. We have several of his prints hanging in our studio so we couldn’t wait to catch up with him and hear all about how he does the amazing thing he does.

Click more to read our full Q&A session about Martin’s life, times and work along with some images of his amazing work. Be sure to click the images as they are much larger than normal to see the amazing detail in his work. Continue reading »

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Martin Ansin: Updates

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Although there are only a slight few that are new, illustrator Martin Ansin has added some marvelous illustrated movie posters to his stunning portfolio. I would kill for a copy of the above Stanley Kubrick poster. Kill.

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Martin Ansin

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Really cool illustration work from Martin Ansin. I love the THX 1138 poster above.

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