Nosferatu Screen Printed Poster

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NOTE: We’ve dropped the price of both posters by 15 dollars. The regular is now $40 and the variant is now $60.

All prior purchases have been refunded for the reduced price. International shipping is also now allowed.

This morning we will release our first ever screen printed movie poster for the classic silent German expressionist masterpiece Nosferatu. There are two editions of the poster available. 170 regular posters will be available for $40. Each poster is hand signed and numbered by the artist. The regular version is 3 colors with 1 metallic and 1 glow in the dark ink. 70 German Variant posters will be available for $60. Each poster is hand signed and numbered by the artist. The variant version is 4 colors with 1 metallic and 1 glow in the dark ink. Both posters were designed and illustrated by Christopher Cox. Both posters were printed by D&L Printing. We had the GID ink overloaded so they glow very brightly in the dark. It’s a lot of fun to see in person.

We won’t be shipping overseas. We can ship to Canada for an up charge of 5 dollars. We will refund combined shipping orders. Combined shipping is 20 dollars. It’s adding full shipping price currently in Big Cartel so we will refund your overcharge for shipping directly immediately after your purchase.

The posters will go up at a random time but should drop soon this morning (hint). Please follow our Twitter feed for news of the release. Posters will be for sale in our online shop.

Thanks so much for your support. We look forward to producing more exciting posters and merchandise in the near future.

See more actual photos of the poster after the jump.  Continue reading »

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Bottleneck: More Than You Imagined

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I was lucky enough to be invited to exhibit a poster at the grande opening of the Bottleneck Gallery tonight in Brooklyn. The opening show is about artwork inspired by ‘premium cable’. I did a pretty straight-forward take on the Sopranos as it is by far my favorite premium cable show of all time. The poster is 2 colors at 18×24 inches and their will be 50 for sale at the gallery tonight if I am not mistaken. They were printed by the wonderful people at P&L here in Denver. I do have around 25-30 copies left over that I will put up online later this month. More details about the show at Bottleneck’s website. If you are in town please attend. There are some amazing artists in the show and a generous amount of the sales will go to the Michael J. Fox foundation. So buy and support both artists and a good cause. You can see pictures of my poster after the jump.  Continue reading »

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JooHee Yoon

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JooHee Yoon has an interesting style that makes every illustration feel as if it has already been printed and the ink may have been running out in the process. It makes the simple stylized imagery feel ‘real’ for lack of a better description. The tactility gives the work an added sense of dimension and pulls the work out of modern pop realm back into the illustration heydays of the 60s and 70s.

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Primitive Heritage: Posters

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I am digging the minimal but artistic silkscreened poster stylings of Primitive Heritage. It’s also doubly nice that they have a storefront full of their interesting works.

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Burlesque: Updates

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Burlesque of North America updated their website for the first time in a very very long time and it looks oh-so-nice. They are a Minneapolis-based silkscreen and poster design shop that has risen to the top by generating amazing work and bringing about some amazing artists like Aaron Horkey. It doesn’t get much better than Burlesque. Go there and spend some money.

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Editions of 100: Updates

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Editions of 100 recently updated their store cache with some new prints including the print above titled KOMPAKT-KASSETTE by Daniel Freytag. They have done a nice job curating some minimal but attractive prints.

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Good Fucking Advice

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If after many years of fucking experience, I could be so bold as to offer one fucking piece of fucking advice it would be to buy this fucking screen print, fucking frame it and fucking display it at your shop or fucking agency so all of your fucking people and clients can fucking see it because it holds many fucking truths.

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Bill Connors

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We are digging illustrator and screen printer Bill Connors loose, cartoony pop culture clash mashup imagery that he then silkscreens onto colorful, kick ass posters. Delicious.

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Hellovon Silkscreen

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The illustrator know as Von who made a name for himself with his airy, dreamy liquid-like graphite illustrations will be releasing a silkscreen print of one of his more well-known images from his ‘Semblance’ series. The print is a single screen metallic screen print and it looks like it will be beautiful in person. More details on purchasing the print can be found at Shopvon.

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Hydro 74 Posters

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Hydro 74 has stepped into the print game in a big way with some great posters that are currently for sale at his online storefront for very reasonable prices especially considering that they are silkscreened. He also has a new poster releasing with Burlesque of North America.

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Little Friends of Printmaking

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I’ve posted their work before but one of my favorite print shops recently updated their storefront with some excellent new prints. I am really thinking about plunking down a little money on these for my son’s room. They are super cool, cute but not dumb if you know what I mean. Just a perfect blend of imagination, pop and attitude.

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Martin Ansin: The Mummy

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Mondo released two new silkscreened movie posters last week, one of which included this poster by our recent interviewee Martin Ansin. We were lucky enough to grab a copy but were really amazed by the detail of the illustration. Martin told us to keep an eye out for what he would be up to later this year and we were really stunned by his work for this poster. We think it’s some of his best work to date. We can’t wait to frame and hang this one.

The variant version of the poster uses actual hieroglyphs that were confirmed as accurate by a top researcher in the field. Unfortunately, both versions of the poster are sold out but you can always take a shot at eBay.

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Indyink: 2012 Poster Apocalypse

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Indyink will be hosting a little poster exhibition this Friday here in Denver. The theme of the exhibit is ‘2012’. I will be exhibiting the above silkscreened poster at the show which will also be available for purchase. Originally I thought about taking the whole thing really seriously and making some thought provoking conspiracy theory-inspired piece before realizing it would be a lot more fun and probably memorable to just call shenanigans on the whole 2012 thing. The poster made my wife laugh and I figure if it’s good for anything at least it was good for that. I managed to squeeze Nostradamus, a Crystal Skull, Mayan sacrifice, Mayan numerals and alien abduction all into one piece so there is that at least.

I am going to try to make the show possibly with my baby son in tow, so please stop by, grab a beer and say hello. Thank you to Indyink for inviting me to take part.

2012: Poster Apocalypse
Address: 84 S. Broadway • Denver, CO
Phone: 720.937.9722
Time: 11AM-6PM MON-SAT


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Status Serigraph

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If you are a poster fanatic like I am then you will certainly appreciate the huge archive of dropdead gorgeous prints created for some of the better bands out on tour by the silkscreening studio Status Serigraph. The prints are extremely reasonably priced too and the designs skills represented are obviously top shelf all the way.

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Unless you have worked closely with me in the Changethethought studio or you happen to be a close family member you might not know that I am a certified silkscreen movie poster fanatic. I have recently begun living my dream of finally being able to collect Mondo Alamo Drafthouse Posters and have been on a bit of a rampage lately. I was recently turned onto the site Reelizer which pulls together some of the best fan art available and works as a good archive of what has been done in the fanart realm. There is definitely an increasing demand in this market and it’s great to finally see so many talented people emerging to create artwork around some of their favorite films.

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