Studio Feed

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Montreal based design studio Feed has been churning out some excellent design work since 1999 and you can see several examples at their recently updated website.

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Connor Willumsen

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Connor Willumsen is a curious illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. His work is somewhat unusual and you have to keep clicking into his Flickr-folio to really uncover some interesting imagery that recalls comic books and functions almost as surrealist pop art.

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Sofia Ajram

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Montreal based graphic design student Sofia Ajram’s fashion-inspired photography could in many instances be described as cosmically psychedelic. She began her career as a photographer when she was hired by Truth Explosion Magazine in 2007 as a concert photographer. Since then her work has graced publications such as Poetic Terrorism, Carpaccio Magazine, C-O-M-A Magazine, Vellum Online, EnRoute Magazine, Mossless Magazine, and Antler Magazine.

You can read more about her and her work via Bentrovatoblog.

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Visual Advice: Updates

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Graphic Designer/Typography/Illustrator Julien De Repentigny has updated with some really sensational new dimensional typography work. That is only one part of the setup, however. The other part is photographing that type in vivid color, which he does equally well.

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STM – Stop Motion

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“Stop motion animation made out of paper, for the public transport system in Montreal. Direction and concept by Karim Zariffa : karimzariffa.com. The ad was created in collaboration with Sid Lee agency, assistant of Karim was Pascal Brousseau, and photography by Simon Duhamel.”

I was emailed this last week and just now got around to posting. Great little piece of animation.

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Thomas Kneubuhler

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Fantastic photographic projects from swiss-born, Montreal-based Thomas Kneubuhler.

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Visual Advice

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Montreal-based designer Julien De Repentigny work has been all over the internet lately and its easy to see why. His milk packaging concept in collaboration with Designer Gabriel Lefebvre has been noted on several blogs.

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Eve Duhamel

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There is some fun work in the artistic portfolio of Canadian artist Eve Duhamel.

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Dominic Prevost

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I gotta say, I was really excited by the work of Montreal-based graphic designer Dominic Prevost. I love the way he uses color and his pop-art style. His visuals are trendy but not overdone. His work sincerely gave me some new ideas. Great work. I know I have stumbled across his site before but I have no good idea why I have never written about him.

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There is just all kinds of great work in the portfolio of Canadian design agency Paprika. You can spend a good half hour or more just clicking through example after example of good design.

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Bonjour Louis

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I don’t speak French so there isn’t a lot I am able to tell you about Canadian Designer Louis Pierre Chouinard. You don’t really need to speak French however to appreciate some of the conceptual thinking going on in his work.

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